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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wake Up America!!!

Eleven days to go and American's will finally cast their votes of who will be the next President of (they say) the world leader, United States of America ... err as some Youtubers calls it "United Islamic States of America" if Obama will win. This should not be a fight of black and white, of race, of culture and color. American's should make a WISE decision. I am more into the economic side as as the Walstreet goes down as high as 300points again yesterday, we're losing a huge amount of money out of our portfolio.

I was reading todays issue of The USA Today while having coffee with Tom at the nearby Dunkin Donuts and the ad paid for by Marry Taylor, Chairman/CEO of Titan International Inc. The one full page ad calling American's to wake up caught my attention, and thinking that this will not going to harm me if I share this ad to other people who frequent my site. (hope am not violating Adsense

A stunning opening question, "Do you like high gas price?" - - - Of course not! Who wants to pay gas as high as $3.99/gal in my area in Central Jersey?

Then the next question says "Do you like falling home prices?" - - - No, No, No, No! We have a townhouse and we have to sell it the price I want, and I hate to see the appraised value of our residential house falls down.

Then "Do you like the economy in the tank?" - - - - Absolutely Not! We're not rich, but the current market is eating our resources.

The point the advertiser wanted to convey to the public is that people blamed this all to President Bush saying, as the ad goes:

"Yes, you have heard all these problems and more blamed on President Bush. Well, he will be out of office in a few months, and you know, he couldn't have done it all alone. If American voters don't think and vote with a brain, we'll only see it get worse.

There are good Republicans and good Democrats, but the facts are that the Democrats in charge are real losers. Here's the facts: the Democrats are against drilling for oil, nuclear power, and you name it they don't want to upset the environmentalists. We elected these men and women, so if you want CHANGE, vote them OUT.

You see, Congress leaders are those with seniority. Representative Conyers, who is from Detroit, has been in Congress for 40 years. THINK: Democrats have run Detroit for more than 40 years. Get the point, folk! Do you like the shaft the politicians are giving you?

They spend millions of dollars to collect a $170,000 job. We should only pay them $100 per year - that's all they worth. Some points for all of you who worry about global warming and carbon emissions:

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and has cooled so the crust of the Earth is between 15-25 miles thick. Our Earth is 8,000 miles in diameter. The earth gets its warmth from the Sun but is slowly cooling.

2, You are traveling at 1,000 miles per hour as the Earth spins on its axis, and 67,000 miles per hour around the Sun. The moon spins around the Earth and creates the tides. This, folks, is what makes our weather. Man really doesn't mean much to Mother Earth.

It is also believed that the earth rotates its North and South Poles every 500,000 years. But don't worry about that, you won't be around then. If you live 80 years, you're a .000000006 of a factor.

Whoever you vote for, they should support drilling for oil, gas, clean coal, nuclear everything, and Congress should pass laws exempting all regulations that would delay these programs.

Think of the one million jobs that would be created."

And on the right column of this one page ad, photo's of the following Congressmen we're presented, saying "These people have run the Congress for two years and they blew it."

1. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House - Democrats
2. John Conyers Jr., Judiciary Chair - Democrats
3. John Dingell, Energy and Commerce Chair - Democrats
4. Barney Franks, Financial Services Chair - Democrats
5. Charles Rangel, Ways and Means Chair - Democrats
(poor Charles can't even pay his taxes--he didn't think he should pay--now he's in charge of policy)
6. Henry Waxman, Oversight and Gov't Reform Chair - Democrats
7. Harry Reid, Majority Senate Leader - Democrats
8. JOE BIDEN, Foreign Relations Chair - Democrats
9. Jeff Bingaman, Energy and Natural Resources Chair - Democrats
10. Chris Dodd, Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Chair - Democrats
11. Patrick Leahy, Judiciary Chair - Democrats
12. Carl Levin, Armed Services Chair - Democrats

Then a photo inset of Barack Obama with a caption "If you believe this group is for CHANGE, you really should believe in the Tooth Fairy", and inset photo's of Obama's Advisors:

"1. Bob Rubin, Citigroup Board, Former US Treasury Secretary earning $100Million+++ salary from Citigroup 2. Franklin raines, Former CEO of Fannie Mae, earning $90Million as Chairman/CEO Freddie/Fannie 3. James A. Johnson, former CEO Fannie Mae, earning $50Million as President Freddie/Fannie 4. Chris Dodd, Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Chair, highest recipients from the Freddie/Fannie fallout 5. Barney Franks, Financial Services Chair, used donations from lobbyists to push banks to lend money to those who couldn't pay."

This one page full length paid ad sum up, to call American's why do we really need CHANGE in the Whitehouse.

Whoever you'll be voting for on November 4th, make sure that you exercise your civil right to vote is not just based on race, skin color, culture and the political hype and heat that is going on. I have high hopes and respect that politicians in this country is far far away better than the politicians in my home country (no comparison at all). American's and immigrants like me love America. I know, you will not hand over the America to wolf posing on a sheep coat.

Obama or MacCain, Biden or Sarah Palin - it's your choice!

Goodluck America.

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