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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dr. Hayden Kho vs. Dr. Maricar Reyes, Katrina Halili et. al

I personally watched the artful sexual engagement of Hayden Kho with Maricar Reyes and Katrina Halili and I find it offensive on the part of these 2 young actress. It was so obvious that Hayden Kho set-up the video cam on 2 occasion.

With Maricar Reyes, he set the camera, probably somewhere inside a closet or bathroom focusing on the bed where the action took place. Oftentimes, Kho displayed his masculinity, naked, in front of the camera. What an asshole!

Katrina's Careless Whisper dance video, for me it was just an erotic dancing rehearsal while Video #2 highlights the main entree. The video was blurry, dark, and I find it hard to identify the 2 main performer... While Maricar's video tape captures everything, including her angelic fresh face that people adored on her Ponds commercial.

I read somewhere that Maricar admitted that they'd (Hayden) been together for about a year, when they were still in Medical school. So, they're relationship took place before Becky Belo & Hayden. Apparently, the video was taken 5 or 6 years ago.

I wonder how Dr. Maricar Reyes is dealing with this situation, her family and current relationship. It will be hard for them to remove the video's that is all over the internet. Katrina has an open sensual and sexy image, while Maricar is a backlaid young professional. I couldn't imagine how she's (Maricar) handling this mess.

I hope, justice will be served to Katrina & Maricar. Hayden, for taking video's without the consent of the other party and to whoever leaked such video to a third party. I heard Becky Belo has a copy and is already subjected for questioning by the local authorities.

1. I-check lahat ng sulok, baka me hayden (hidden camera)
2. Huwag kalimutang patayin ang ilaw para kahit na me hayden (hidden) camera, walang macacapture ang camera; and last but not the least...
3. Huwag maingay, kasi kahit na madilim, sa boses lang ul be identified.

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