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Sunday, December 14, 2008

YouTube - Shoes Thrown at Bush in Iraq during News Conference

YouTube - Shoes Thrown at Bush in Iraq during News Conference

President George Bush vs. Iraqui Shoes

What a nerve of this Iraqi man throwing his shoes to President George Bush. I feel bad watching this video, on the other hand, I also admire President George Bush for his immediate reflex. He was able to avoid the attack in a snap and successfully ducked both throws.

Here is the link of the video.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marriot Residence Inn, Cheese Cake Factory and more...

I've been in Hartford, Connecticut for a couple of times and had tried different accommodation (i.e. Goodwin, Hilton, Crowne Plaza Hotel) but Marriott Residence Inn is so far the best. For $140/night, you'll have a Suite with complete amenities. You have a furnished kitchen filled with the basic stuff you'll need, a dining area, 2 spacious closet, 2 conventional TV sets and a luxurious living room. And you'll get free wifi access too. That amount is also inclusive of an awesome complementary breakfast for two.

Marriott Residence is located right at the heart of Hartford, CT. It's just a few blocks err STEPS (lol) away from Travelers, and its right at the downtown of the city. Unlike Crowne Plaza Hotel, oh boy, I have to cross the highway and walk less than a mile in order to get a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts! Same with the Hilton Hotel. Goodwin is also okay. A century old building, but I heard they're closing the business at the end of the year. Affected by the deteriorating US economy I guess.

Last night we (with Tom's officemate) we went to Cheese Cake Factory (again) for dinner. As expected, its crowded! Food and wine was good, conversation deals more on their corporate issues ("their" because I do not work with them.. I was just an 'escort' of Tom hehehe). A $140 for 4 person is not bad, plus I have a take-home a whooping garden salad. American serving is really HUGE! Well, in times like this, I miss my corporate life in Sunwest. Those who used to work with me in Sunwest know what I mean by this (Annie, Chie, Ate Ning, Mia and Sir Ge - if you are out there reading my post, care to leave a comment....and thats an order!)

So, if you're planning to visit Hartford, be it for business or pleasure - check out Marriots Residence Inn and try Factory Cheese Cake. They are awesome extravagantly good!

By the way, this is not a paid endorsement by PayPerPost, Paying Post or Adsense. I am not even affiliate of Marriott and/or Cheese Cake Factory.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Good Things Never Last by Ailane

On my 2nd night in EGI, Ailane invited me to be her room mate. At first I thought she's also a 2008 barrister, but then later I found out that she's there prepping for the 2009 BAR exam. What a good girl. She was an inspiration. Going to the review center, staying-up late with me and Jihan, reviewing us, refreshing our mind, arguing with us, bringing beef tapa, etc. There are times that I don't wanna get-up and just want to sleep, but I am being pressured with Ailane around. I told myself, look at this girl. How serious she is in pursuing to become a lawyer. She's taking the bar in 2009 and here I am, I only have less than 60 days to refresh my mind... She was my alarm clock, she was my eveyrthing, my "buddy". Despite of the stress and pressure, my 90 day stay was also funrelaxing as I have found new friends who are now part of my life.

This post is for you barrister of EGI Suite 808 Ailane, Mayang and Genevieve, Mira and Anne, Ate Buena and Vicar, Jennelyn and Jihan Carla Mercado, and of course my long time friend and classmate Jessica Imperial.

I wish would have the time to post everything about us here. But for now, I am syndicating Ailane's post.


EGI Taft Towers was been my place for six months where I met and gained the friendship that I’ve been longing.

It was April 16, 2008 at 8:00 o’clock in the evening when I stepped into EGI Taft Towers. As I entered into the elevator that brought me to the 8th floor, I intensely asked God to give me good friends. Fortunately, Got did not let me wait for so long because before I entered my assigned room He granted my petition.

I met Gen the girl from Leyte and then the following day I met Mhayang also from Leyte and Mirah from Cagayan de Oro City. Then, there’s Jihan from Pampanga, Ate Buena of Pangasinan, and Jennelyn of Mandaluyong City. Then, at the middle of July, another girl from New Jersey, USA joined the group who was introduced to us by Mira as Maricel but lately we found out that she’s actually Maria Socorro and consequently we fondly called her Maria.

We were the eight (8) girls of 808 who shared laughter and fun, ideas, opinions, and knowledge in law, and conspired to different “crimes” both in EGI and in Review Center (of course, not really the crime that is punishable under the law… it’s just how we describe things in exaggeration).

It was on August when Maria transferred to other unit and paved the way for Jessica (Bicol) and Harriet (Ormoc City) to join our group. These two girls were also cool and fun to be with.

But one of the most remarkable things that we shared in EGI aside from studying/reviewing and eating together at the hallway was our “weeknights duty” wherein I, Maria, Jihan, Jen, Harriet, Mirah, and Liezel (an undergrad whom we met and became friend while we were having our duty) were having Lobo and My Girl Session then lately Catherine Session (Iisa pa Lamang).

Hmn… the friendship with those girls is one of the best things that came into my life; though there arose some unpleasant things among us but its just normal since we are of different personalities and came from different upbringings. But what’s important, is that, we had the good times to cherish.

But as our review class concluded so as our good times together ended. I felt so sad that it has to come to its end. Yeah, I shed tears as Maria and Harriet left EGI and rushed to the airport and even more when Mhayang and I parted our ways on the following. But the touching text message from Gen made me cry.

Really, some good things never last but what’s the best thing is that, we maintain our communication (Thanks to the modern technology!). By now, we are looking forward for our reunion next year. Hope Maria will be with her Mang Tomaz at that time.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary, atbp!

December 8, 2008 is our 2nd year wedding anniversary, and we're going to Joe Crab Shack tonight for dinner...

Will continue my post later...

The continuation:

We drove 27 miles to Joe Crab Shack in Lawrenceville just to eat, obviously "crabs". Initially, Tom suggested to dine at Char, its a new restaurant few blocks away from home but since its just around the corner, I insisted that I want to try Joe. The food was good, but am not really crazy about it. The place was alright but I don't like it. It's more of a Westerner (Texas) design..... I enjoy the food (yo, i love shellfish), but I am not happy because it doesn't worth $91 (tip included). We should have just gone to Snuffy's Clam Bar..... But anyway, the long drive was fun as I enjoy having a conversation with my driver (he has no choice but to talk to me lol) and the variety of christmas decors in every house and streets along the way.

Oh by the way, I just had the result of my blood test (blood was drawn prior to eating shellfish) Dr. Kripsak said that I have a verry (as in he uses the word verry) level of allergy in my blood. Since I know that I have allergic reaction (my skin tend to bump & rashes etc.) I said, i am allergic to shrimp and crabs, or maybe I am also allergic to corrosive (paint, as we're on the process of painting Tom's townhouse) . . . And then my doctor laughed at me when I said "Actually, last night we just have a bucket of crabs and shrimp at Joe Crab Shack".... "And you know what doc, I it's my favorite food. I can live without steak but I can't live without seafood!" You know what Dr. Kripsak told me? "Stay away from any shellfish and don't take any antihistamine for now until you see an Allergist (Specialist in Allergy) and find out what's really causing your allergic reaction." So, I am now being referred to a Specialist in Princeton....

I remember, when I was in EGI for the bar, Ailane brought buttered shrimp and lamon talaga. After eating, we were able to go out malling in Trinoma, then midnight (mag-isa pa naman ako sa room ko), as in I feel so itchy and bumps in my body (nahhh, if I could only post a pic). Scared of going out, I have no choice, I couldn't sleep and if I will continue scratching it will leave a mark on my skin. So at 2AM, I went out of the building to find any drugstore open. Good thing, there is a Drug store infront of De La Salle University along Taft. I bought Claritin and that was it. This is not the first incident I had this allergic reaction, because thrice in a row that I've been hospitalized and was given a shot because of pamamantal due to eating shellfish. Masarap eh!

The following day when I told Ailane and the rest of girls about what happened to me that night, hayun, we even blamed the shopping spree and the jeans I bought that maybe I got it from there. Na baka kung sino-sino na ang nagfit nun.. Mga baliw!

I guess for now, I should avoid eating those food that I have allergic reaction. Or, maybe will stop once the Doctor finds out what really triggers the allergy...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Victory for Manny Pacquiao

In case you missed to watch Manny Pacman's fight last night, you can watch it on here at Cocom's Channel no commercial break...

As expected, Pacman thrilled Filipinos around the globe.

Am watching it now, nakatulog ako kagabi.

Friday, December 5, 2008


What I've been doing lately?

The highlights of this week activity is that I have to tender my resignation to the Knights. It's hard for me to leave the company (my boss & my office mates) because they were all nice to me. I never experienced any bad experience working with them. Mind you, this is my first job here in the US of A. The job is not as toxic as running a Human Resource Department or heading a team for the candidacy of those Senatorial and Presidential candidates, or be a Committee Head for ISO certification of an organization when I was still in the Philippines... It's less complicated and stressful. I never experienced any discrimination in the workplace. They always give me credit... of which in my mind "napaka-simple lang naman ng trabaho". Maybe, one of their nature (Americans) is for being vocal and appreciative. No boss that will bug you on your sleep to get those and that, or no boss that will bother you while your enjoying your poop just to ask what's going on with these and that.

I miss HR. I miss working with my dedicated staff, Lorlie, Nhory, Thess, Melody, Fatima, Corrine and Michelle. I also miss the nerve wrecking voice of our VP Miss Godornes... Lorlie took over my place. I still have contact with them, as Lorlie tend to ask me labor issues. In a way, I am still part of the organization eventhough legally speaking, ties was already severed.

By the way, you may ask why all of sudden my post is pointing at my past acquaintaces? I also don't know. I don't usually plan what I'l be posting about. Maybe because this has to do something with the Christmas Season fever. Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Tonight is our Company Christmas Party. Almost 200 employees signed-in that they will attend the party, including me. I shop at Macy's Bridgewater Commons for my dress tonight, but guess where I am right now? The party starts at 7PM (as per the memo circulated)... But here I am, right in front of my laptop busy keying up - unplanned! I am supposed to attend the party, but I fall asleep and just woke-up and now don't feel like going. I don't know, I am not really excited to go. I just started working with this company last November 17 and basically, I do not feel (yet) the urge of belongingness. I am still on the stage of "getting-to-know" the people within the organization. Although, this x-mas party is a good avenue to socialize and get acquainted with my new environment, but I just don't feel like going. I don't have escort anyway, because Tom just had his dental implant (yes, 4 dental implants and a bone graph and sinus lift, and mine 3 dental implants, I don't wanna count how much it cost us to fix our dental needs...ugh....) done the other day and technically speaking he's not yet okay...

So instead of going, I am here as all the thoughts about Christmas Party fever floods in my memory. I used to head the planning committee of x-mas parties in my previous employ (Philippines). I was also involved in this "kawang-gawa" or outreach program to selected families in my province. We used to handout a pack of "noche-buena" to them. We feed street-children, gifts or "aguinaldo" to underprivilidge families and to our dear oldies.

I may not have what I have right now in the past, but everything, all that I have been through are worth remembering. I hope I would be able to write about it and share it with people who would have the time to read it.

Till the next episode...

Okay, to CUT the POST short --------- here I am PARTYING with my BLOG, instead of going to the xmas party TONIGHT!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Paying Post

Thanks to Sheryll's generosity, I was able to sign-up an account with Paying Post. As a new member, I believe, Paying Post is another breakthrough for bloggers around the globe. A breakthrough in the sense that we would be able to make something out from our blogs content. I am thrilled to the opportunities awaits me at Paying Post. Actually, I also registered my other account Marizylle's Corner hoping that it will be approved at the same time with my BicolNet. Signing-up is so easy. You can add more than one account at the same time. The site is easy to navigate and the language is so easy to understand.

There are varieties of opportunities that awaits you. All you have to do now is to sign-up, wait for its approval, get codes and have your post paid up.

Please Sign Up Here...