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Friday, October 30, 2009

Swine Flu + Morbid Obesity

Today, the patient that was assigned to me was admitted due to abdominal pain and fever. After the pre-conference with my Professor, I meet my patient. I took her vitals as she was anxious of learning if she has still fever as she wanted to go home as she misses her bed already. Take note: no her kids, not her husband, BUT her BED...

To cut the story short, I took her vitals, turn-away whenever she cough... I was trying to gain her trust while I was doing my Physical Assessment as I was on the process of ausculating anterior and posterior angle of her lungs when the Primary Nurse called me off the room. I know that I have to go out of the room because she was standing at the front door... as she was busy putting in place, items that are necessary for isolation.

"We just got the lab result and she's on the Droplet Isolation now!" "WHAT?!!! Droplet Isolation? I was just there standing in front of her, no protective gear at all while she was coughing coarsely, and I did even put the temperature on her mouth sublingually - and now you're telling me she's on droplet isolation?! DOn't tell me she's now on Tamiflu?" - "Well, she is!"

That's the risk of being a Nurse, before you would be able to put on your protective gear, ur already exposed! Droplet isolation, you are supposed to be 6ft away from the patient if you are not wearing gown, mask, gloves.... so was too close to the patient... that inch close...

Anyway, hoping that nothing will gonna happened to me as I don't wanna get sick! Especially that swine flu.

Since I was done with my patient, I helped my classmate bathe their patient. "Their" because 2 we're assigned to a guy who is weighing 450 lbs. Actually, we were six in the room trying to clean him up before sending him out for dialysis. He's really huge that he couldn't even lift his arms.

Now, busy prepping my care plan which is due on Tuesday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nursing 101 - Pressure Ulcer

The first indication that a pressure ulcer may be developing is blanching (becoming pale or white) of the skin over the area under pressure. Insufficient blood circulation makes the skin appear paler than in areas where circulation is adequate. When the pressure is relieved, the area will appear red and feel warm. Yellow Skin is indicative of jaundice. Stage 1 pressure ulcer is a define area of persistent redness.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Alright! Again, I wasn't able to visit my blog for almost 3 months. Wow, 3 months... yeah! Well, what's going on with me now?

- Still waiting for my 10 year Green card
- Back in school, tied-up busy schedule trying to catch-up daily lecture, quizzez, CAREPLAN, skills test etc.... and Midterm is coming-up soon.
- I do regret going into this program, its really hard to become an Registered Nurse. I should have gone to a Nursing School in the Philippines. Too much work to do, too little time. 44 chapter to read in 2 weeks time for a 50 questions test!

Enough of venting, have to go back on my seat and continue reviewing for the midterm on Tuesday.

Thanks for visiting my page every now and then. Once you visit, please click my advertizer... Ciao.

Friday, July 31, 2009

President Corazon C. Aquino Dead at 76

I just learned that the former President Cory Aquino passed away. I though it's another crack message circulating over the web, but was just confirmed when I watched TV patrol. She made a graceful exit, and left the History of breaking Marcos regime down and for being the First Female President of the Republic of The Philippines through a peaceful and prayerful People Power or The Edsa Revolution. Her family and close friends were at her bedside praying the sorrowful mystery of the Holy Rosary.

She has stage 4 colon cancer and died at the age of 76.

To the Aquino family, THANK YOU for sharing your mother to the Filipino People.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Working on my Green Card Renewal

Biometrics done today at the USCIS service center in Elizabeth City. My temporary Green Card expired last month, and was given a 1 year extension while my application for the 10 year GC is underway.

By April next year, I would be eligible to apply for US Citizenship - but hold on, do I really want to renounce my current citizenship?!!! Why not? I guess, its high time for me to do a research of the pros and cons, of maintaining my Filipino Citizenship or to become a naturalized US citizen.

After a series of finger printing, simple Q&A and photo-shoot, I believe it was a success as I wasn't involve in any legal issues that would warrant a denial to my year Green Card, and eventually a citizenship.

Anyone needs help on US Immigration - feel free to ask. I will try to help. Won't charge you a penny... You don't need an Immigration Lawyer, unless you have a complex case that needs to be represented.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 Summer Gardening Project

I don't wanna spend money in getting a Professional Landscaper fix my lawn, front and back yard, so I commit myself on doing it on my own every weekend. Anyway, I have Google and Lawrence (a local landscaper/friend) to consult and who is very much willing to help me in lifting heavy objects (bricks etc.) Oh, he has a super nice backyard, with swimming pool and man made falls and pond with live fish. Get ya, his back yard is just 1/3 of my back yard area and yet, i am very much willing to trade in my place to him. I love his front and back yard. He told me to "copy" it....but it will take thousands of $$$$ to do that...

Old bushes has been removed, and I am now on the process of tilling the soil and probably by next weed barrier will be in place.

...going back to work as a "gardener"....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Planning for 5 Days and 4 Nights in Florida

Haven't visited my blog for a while. Been busy at work and with Max, now I have to hit the keyboard and will try to solicit any tip or advise, on where to go and what to do in Florida. Yes, Florida... the Sunshine State! Well, yeah, my adopted sister Sheryll cancelled her vacation to the East Coast - ignited my desire to visit her.

Just tonight, my husband said "What if we visit her in Florida instead?! Oh, my adrenalin started to kick-in as my cheeks turns red because of excitement. The problem is, aside from seeing Sheryll, what are the other things that we have to do there? I wanna go to Miami, hop-in to beaches... have a sip of wine, dip on the pool...and so on.

I tried to call Sheryll, but she's out of reach. Left her a message but no reply yet.

Now, I have to make a realistic Itinerary for 5 days and 4 nights in Florida.

Friday, June 12, 2009


To the Members of the House who sponsored HR 1109

We write this letter in the knowledge that within our inalienable right to free speech, we have the right to condemn, to dissent, and to express. We believe that dissent and disagreement - as well as anger - is warranted for the events of June 2, 2009, where 170 Representatives sponsored and passed a ruthless, rude, and repugnant resolution that fuels our rage.

On that night, you held a marathon session to pass House Resolution 1109. The House majority have passed the resolution to set up a constituent assembly to open up the Constitution to changes that endanger Philippine sovereignty, and the rights and liberties, granted to us in this country. The possibility of “Gloria Forever” haunted a sleeping nation. The House overstepped its bounds in a claim to power, and to usurp the present decay of political institutions of this nation.

The resolution was rammed through, railroaded, and passed without regard to objection and without respect to the Constitution. More than an agenda of “Gloria Forever,” it was a slap in the face to the ideals that this nation stands for: enshrined not only in the Constitution, but in the values and mores of Filipino society. It was a black eye to democracy, to prudence, and to dialogue.

An embarrassment, a farce, and a shame. A derisive and deliberate attempt to subvert the laws of the land: the very Constitution that you, members of the House, swore to protect when you assumed office.

The Constitution is a defining moment in history. It is the height of creating a politics of freedom, identity, and national strength, created and ratified on the basis that one’s country is not designed and built on whims, but that of foresight and the common good. It sets a precedent for justice and fairness, and is the building block of democracy in free nations.

June 2, 2009 was a defining moment in history. It is the height of a politics of ignominy, imprudence, and insolence; the approval of a shameless and ambiguously-worded resolution that threatens the very existence of this country’s democracy. One that sets a precedent for injustice, unfairness, and opens the doors for corrupting, unchecked power. You made a grip on the very throat of this country’s democracy, and choked it.

Shameless. That resolution will be tested in the Courts, and perhaps maybe even struck out of the record one day. Forgotten, perhaps, but it should stand - and it will stand - as a testament to shame.

Honorable Representatives, the wisdom of amending the Constitution is not lost on anyone, and it certainly is not lost on us. Yet without the benefit of prudent dialogue and evaluation, the wisdom of Constitutional amendments - or Charter Change - must be questioned. When the passage of a resolution that endangers democracy is made possible because of the maneuvering of the majority, the intentions and effects of moves to amend the Constitution must be questioned. If the integral document of a nation is going to be altered by people of questionable integrity, Constitutional amendments and Charter Change are questionable.

The time for amending and changing the Constitution will come. Yet that time is not now, and that process... not this way, ladies and gentlemen. Not this way. Not through a farce, a sham, and an embarrassment.

In a free country, the citizens are - and should - be open to debate. Yet our arguments and sides should always be framed by what is truthful, just, and fair. It is not sufficient or adequate to railroad the passage of this resolution if the rush and haste cannot be justified. In a free country, in a democracy, the will of the majority will always be framed by the will of the minority. There is a right time and a right place for the changes to take place knowing that those who perpetuate these changes are beyond doubt, beyond question, and have the integrity needed to challenge and amend a very integral document.

This is the spirit of consensus. It is something that is not achieved when you railroad a bill, a law, or a resolution.

We ask: have you no shame?

Have you no shame that on that one day, you shot democracy dead? By railroading a questionable resolution, you railroaded a most questionable future for our country. Have you no shame to turn deaf ears to voices of dissent and disagreement, but welcome with open arms those who nod in agreement? You disrespected the very foundations of what this country stands for.

Have you no shame or sense of accountability to the Filipino people? You did not listen to the righteous indignation of the many Filipinos who have called you out on your do-what-it-takes attitude to cling to power. You railroaded Constitutional change, yet did not exercise the same sense of urgency for reproductive health and agrarian reform and poverty alleviation programs. Have you no shame in the power you throw off the balance? Members of the House, show us - show the Filipino people - your shame.

The absence of integrity in the House of Representatives came to light on the 11th hour of June 2, 2009. The sworn protectors of the Philippine Constitution - those who swore upon that document when they assumed office - are now those who seek to subvert it and silence all opposition. It was in railroading the passage of an ill-willed resolution, dismissing dissent, and playing numbers games that the possibility of "Gloria Forever" becomes a haunting specter. More than “Gloria Forever,” the railroading and ramming through of HR 1109 is a clear indication that the public interest is secondary to personal political interests, or at the very least, ill-defined ones.

More than “Gloria Forever,” more than the compromising of sovereign territory, and more than technical squabbling on the form of government we’ll have, the railroading of HR 1109 is an exercise of shame. It is what politics in this country has degenerated into: the tyranny of deceit, the rule of disrespect, the noise of impunity, and the triumph of ignominy. What you did was a clear violation of the dignity of this nation. What you did was to kill democracy. We refuse to be represented by those who demonstrate that kind of politics.

A sham, ladies and gentlemen. You have no shame.

With much respectful indignation, we respectfully demand that you tender your resignation letters, or voluntarily leave office for what you have done to the people and their Constitution. The night of June 2, 2009 will forever be inscribed in the annals of this country’s history as the day you stopped being august and honorable. Through that symbolic gesture, may your shame be damned.

Thank you for your patience, your time, and thank you in advance for your shame.

(Originally written and Posted by NO TO CONASS )
Dear Filipino Blogger, let's do our share by posting a badge to your blog. Visit NO TO CONASS and get your No To CONASS badge. Makiisa tayo, laban natin ito!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dr. Hayden Kho vs. Dr. Maricar Reyes, Katrina Halili et. al

I personally watched the artful sexual engagement of Hayden Kho with Maricar Reyes and Katrina Halili and I find it offensive on the part of these 2 young actress. It was so obvious that Hayden Kho set-up the video cam on 2 occasion.

With Maricar Reyes, he set the camera, probably somewhere inside a closet or bathroom focusing on the bed where the action took place. Oftentimes, Kho displayed his masculinity, naked, in front of the camera. What an asshole!

Katrina's Careless Whisper dance video, for me it was just an erotic dancing rehearsal while Video #2 highlights the main entree. The video was blurry, dark, and I find it hard to identify the 2 main performer... While Maricar's video tape captures everything, including her angelic fresh face that people adored on her Ponds commercial.

I read somewhere that Maricar admitted that they'd (Hayden) been together for about a year, when they were still in Medical school. So, they're relationship took place before Becky Belo & Hayden. Apparently, the video was taken 5 or 6 years ago.

I wonder how Dr. Maricar Reyes is dealing with this situation, her family and current relationship. It will be hard for them to remove the video's that is all over the internet. Katrina has an open sensual and sexy image, while Maricar is a backlaid young professional. I couldn't imagine how she's (Maricar) handling this mess.

I hope, justice will be served to Katrina & Maricar. Hayden, for taking video's without the consent of the other party and to whoever leaked such video to a third party. I heard Becky Belo has a copy and is already subjected for questioning by the local authorities.

1. I-check lahat ng sulok, baka me hayden (hidden camera)
2. Huwag kalimutang patayin ang ilaw para kahit na me hayden (hidden) camera, walang macacapture ang camera; and last but not the least...
3. Huwag maingay, kasi kahit na madilim, sa boses lang ul be identified.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Buddy

To avoid mix match or chopsuey like blog entries, I finally decided to create Max his own blog. So here I am, for the grand announcement of Maxi's website. You'll find more of him at Maxi's bloggy.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dental Visit

I was in New York today, for my dental implant follow-up visit. Dr. Carmazi took some xray shots... Unscrew the post, and measure the size of crown that they will going to order.

This procedure took us 2 hours. Well, one more visit to go and am all set!

Goodnight everyone...

Thursday, April 2, 2009


1 ABABA Victoria D
2 ABAD Bernard O
3 ABAD Francis Michael C
4 ABADEZA Melissa A
5 ABALOS Christian Noel C
6 ABALOS Joseph Ryan C
7 ABALOS Mcdonald G
8 ABANTE Priscilla Marie T
9 ABARCA Jerome G
10 ABAYA Mark Francis P
11 ABAYON Jerome B
12 ABDULLAH Noor Hafizullah M
13 ABEJARON Arnold C
14 ABELITA Peter Filip S
15 ABELLA Marie Velle P
16 ABENOJAR Lilian C
18 ABO Rolando T
19 ABREA Elton Dick J
20 ABRENICA Angelee Marree A
22 ABYADANG Harriet N
23 ACHAS John Albino C
24 ACOSTA Carl De Liz L
25 ADJU Annally T
26 ADMANA Gerlie A
27 ADRIANO Alexander DG
28 ADRIANO Karen J
29 ADVINCULA Ma. Carolina T
30 AFRICA Voltaire B
31 AGAAB Jose Raphael E
32 AGATEP, JR. Orlino D
33 AGGALAO Arnold O
35 AGTARAP Florina C
36 AGTARAP Richard M
37 AGUAS Princess Luren D
38 AGUDO Elma Jewelle A
39 AGUILAR Aileen R
40 ALANO Joseph Rod Allan C
41 ALBO Aubrey F
42 ALCANTARA Abraham Joseph B
43 ALCARDE Princess May C
45 ALCUAZ Alfonso Ismael A
46 ALEGRE Jacqueline Ann C
47 ALEGRE Marife M
49 ALEJANDRO Johnsen H
50 ALIBANIA, JR. Eliseo C
51 ALICER Arthur Anthony S
52 ALILAM James G
53 ALIPIO, II Abraham C
54 ALISUAG Ma. Lenina C
55 ALLAM Marion P
56 ALMA JOSE Sylvia R
58 ALMARIO Gilbert S
59 ALMARIO Shari-christine S
60 ALMAZAR Michael Barney R
61 ALMERO Rowena Joyce R
62 ALMOETE Martee L
64 ALMONTE, JR. Bienvenido B
65 ALONZO Timmy Joy S
66 ALPAY Zinia P
67 ALUNDAY Reynold B
68 ALVINA Cynthia L
69 AMBOANG Louilyn N
71 AMIGABLE, JR. Felizardo D
72 AMIS Kathryn D
73 AMISTAD Christian B
74 AMOD Merxel Mae O
75 AMOR Aileen L
76 AMOR Fernando R
77 AMORA, JR. Lilio J
78 AMPIG Francis Athanasius D
79 AMPONG, III Teodulfo S
80 ANDRES Gilbert T
81 ANDUMANG Archie R
82 ANG Arlon U
83 ANG Juvielet Jeanne A
84 ANGELES Albert Lee G
85 ANGELES Erwin C
86 ANGELES Erwin Rommel S
87 ANIAG Mark Anthony V
88 ANITO Mylene A
89 ANONAT Jerry C
90 ANTERO Richard S
91 ANTIG Pamela Angela U
92 ANTONIO Elizabeth B
93 ANTONIO Hannah Lorraine Y
94 ANTONIO Harold M
95 AOANAN Kleider Rex C
96 APAO, JR. Mariano L
97 APASAN Joseph Ryan C
98 APILADO Louella Xylee T
99 APOLINARIO Charmaine C
100 APUYOD Jesus F
101 AQUENDE Hardy B
102 AQUINO Magnolia P
103 AQUINO Mark M
104 AQUINO Paolo R
105 AQUINO Patrick T
106 ARANAS Melchor Jaemond A
107 ARAULA, II Felix B
109 ARBOLEDA Lisette M
110 ARCE Cecilia Maria Rosario M
111 ARCE Liwayway D
112 ARCENAL-NOGRA Aiiza Fiel A
113 ARELLANO-AGUDA Jesusa Loreto A
114 ARGABIOSO Antonio S
115 ARGENIO Kareen May E
116 ARIAS Jolienne Lee D
117 ARIOLA Aimee Riza S
118 ARIOSA Gia L
119 ARITAO, JR. Benjamin E
120 ARNADO Richard M
122 ARTUZ Pearly Sheila F
123 ARZADON Romino G
124 ASENCION Marissa R
125 ASUNCION, III Isaiah O
126 ATAS Richelle L
127 ATENSOR Joseph Brian A
128 ATIENZA Catalino C
129 ATIENZA Katrina Catherine P
130 ATIENZA Leynard B
131 ATIENZA Verdie J
132 ATOS Richelle Mae G
133 AURO Christian V
134 AUTENTICO Ana Michaela N
135 AVELLANO Christine F
136 AVISADO Ethel C
137 AYENG Adelaide Nancy Sybil G
138 AYO Danilo M
139 AYUNGO Theodorick K
140 AZARRAGA Juliet C
141 AÑOVER Paul Vincent W
142 BA-ALAN Orlando A
143 BACARAMAN Nur Jaypha R
144 BACLAY, JR. Oliver P
145 BACLAYO Ruby T
146 BACOLOR Heidi F
147 BACON Edwin M
148 BACONG Jeanie Rose A
149 BAETIONG Joselito M
150 BAGGAYAN Ma. Jonalyn F
151 BAGSIT Liza Flor T
152 BAGUIO Fritz B
153 BAHIAN Rachelle I
154 BAHJIN, II Jainal Abidin Y
155 BAI Muhlis S
156 BAJENIO Webb I
157 BALANGCOD Christobal J
158 BALANGITAN Mark Jeff W
159 BALANON Maxlen C
160 BALBOA Conrada A
161 BALDOVINO Renoir O
163 BALLINAN John Dale A
164 BALMEO Trinidad V
165 BALTAR Jonathan Z
166 BALTAZAR Jay Francis P
167 BALTAZAR Ma. Francesca Q
168 BANAGUI Leah B
169 BANALAGAY Harold Howell D
170 BANDONELL Marinel F
171 BANIQUED Marigel M
172 BANSON, JR. Ceferino W
174 BANZON Melissa Suzette L
175 BAQUIRAN Monalyn Ann L
176 BARATA Erwin N
177 BARCENAS Ligaya Victoria U
178 BARIL-LLEGUE Josefina M
179 BARIN Anna Gayle T
180 BARING-PRIETO Aiza Marie M
181 BARRIOS, III Isidro B
182 BARTOLOME Harold Ian V
183 BARTOLOME Prescila D
184 BARTOLOME Vincent Vos R
185 BARTOLOME, JR. David S
186 BARTOLOME, JR. Gaudencio P
187 BASA Fernando C
188 BASANES Karla Kristine L
189 BASCO Diana Joyce N
190 BASILGO Gembeth G
191 BATAC Regina C
192 BATALLA Maria Phenny Joan G
193 BATE Nover M
194 BATHAN Maricris E
195 BATU Kasarinlan S
196 BAUTISTA Cliff John C
197 BAYOTAS Michael Darwin M
198 BAYSAC Dianna Lynne S
199 BAÑAGA Myra Janina P
200 BAÑEZ Emerson S
201 BEJA Ma. Jela Teresa S
203 BELEN Vernon A
204 BELENA Persephone Meir B
205 BELLEZA John M
206 BELMES Mae Richelle B
207 BELMONTE Mary Elizabeth (marybee) M
209 BERIANA Charlene A
210 BERMEJO Ma. Teresa Ana V
211 BERMEJO Maricel F
212 BERNABE, II Regina V
213 BERNALES, JR. Marcial P
216 BERON Jay Cesar I
217 BESSAT Madeleine A
218 BIBAL Joanne Mae A
219 BIGOL Maria Victoria B
221 BIRON Jose Noe James S
222 BONDAD, JR. Rodolfo A
223 BONGAR Kharen Lee P
224 BONGHANOY Liewellyn F
225 BORJA Haidee O
226 BORJA Jacqueline Q
227 BORRA Katrina P
228 BRACIA M. Melvin B
229 BRAGADO Joel Emilio F
230 BRAGAT Maria Lourdes C
231 BREGALA Dennis B
232 BRILLANTES Fel Lester G
233 BRINGAS Catherine S
234 BRION Francis C
235 BRIONES Estrellita B
236 BROCALES Christopher Redeemson R
237 BROTONEL Jo Katrina V
238 BRUAN, JR. Cesario B
239 BUBAN Josephine M
240 BUENA Delbert Clifford V
241 BUENDIA Cristina B
242 BUENO Cheryl F
243 BUGA-AY Vicente Fidel C
244 BUGAOAN Eric Vincent H
245 BUGHAO Melvin Cydrick M
246 BUHAIN Camille R
247 BUNDOC Jacqueline C
248 BUNGABONG Kurt Adolph C
250 BURDEOS Sherry Joy O
251 BURGOS Ma. Lourdes S
252 BUSI Barrytone A
253 CABADING Marilex L
254 CABALI Pearl Grace G
255 CABALLERO Maynard G
257 CABANILLA Cris Francis O
258 CABANSAG Glynis Lyn R
259 CABIC Ellen Aster B
260 CABOTEJA, JR. Romeo O
261 CABRERA Cherrie Mae S
262 CABRERA Maria Christine C
263 CABRIDO Candice Elizabeth A
265 CACAYURAN Sheryll P
268 CACHO Arlene Valerie G
269 CADIOGAN, JR. Randolph C
270 CAINTO Angela Faith L
271 CAINTO Leo V
272 CAJIGAL Wilbur R
273 CAJILIG Geraldine A
274 CALAGUI Eric-john S
276 CALAMBA Winsor B
278 CALDE Nimreh L
279 CALDE Roland P
280 CALINISAN Rafael Vicente R
281 CALPO Ma. Lourdes Gaye T
282 CAMACHO Alva C
284 CAMARA Mark Darwin A
285 CAMPANER Francisco M
286 CANDELARIA Desiree G
287 CANIBA May A
288 CANTALEJO John Dale A
289 CANTIL Jason A
291 CAPARAS Melanie C
292 CAPINPIN Michael Joseph C
293 CAPUSEN Dimsey J
294 CAPUYAN Julifaith C
295 CARDENAS Maria Josella Teresa M
296 CARILLO Mae Jill B
297 CARINGAL Carlos M
298 CARINGAL Glenda Leah A
299 CARITOS Rona Ann V
300 CARIÑO Arbin Omar P
301 CARIÑO Marlon M
302 CARLOS Roy E
303 CARMONA Sheila Minnelli V
304 CASTASUS Lee Guian Paulo O
305 CASTIL Rico C
306 CASTILLEJO Raymond Christle N
307 CASTILLO Eleazar E
308 CASTILLO Javerick G
309 CASTILLO Ma. Christina G
310 CASTILLO Paul Cornelius T
311 CASTILLO, JR. Emmanuel F
312 CASTRO Allan R
313 CASTRO Carmencita D
314 CASTRO Cyril Alfred S
315 CASTRO Elvira Joselle R
316 CASTRO Jose Romulo L
317 CASTRO Lorelei A
318 CASTRO Rohail R
319 CATALO Janice C
320 CATAPANG Dyan Kristi C
322 CATIBAYAN Luis Manuel M
323 CATRE Mary Christine Charisse G
324 CATRE, JR. Noel Christian G
325 CAUILAN Joey L
326 CAUNAN Patricia Yvonne M
327 CAYANGA Edelisa May M
328 CAZEÑAS Mary Dezerie D
329 CAÑAL Renato E
330 CAÑAMO Peter B
331 CAÑEDO Jose Ritche O
332 CAÑEDO, JR. Florenz O
333 CAÑETE Ferdinand C
334 CAÑO Maria Janice B
335 CECILIO, JR. Uldarico P
336 CEDEÑO Al Joseph V
337 CENIZA Yvonne C
338 CENTENO Joseph Darren C
339 CEREZO Jimbert A
340 CERVANTES Leonardo Roy A
341 CHAN Marvin A
342 CHAN Phil Ivan A
343 CHANECO Maria Cecilia V
345 CHAO-AYAN Lalaine Y
346 CHAVEZ, JR. Raul B
347 CHAVEZ-BERNARDO Anunsacion P
348 CHING Betha Fe A
349 CHIONG Kristine Vanessa T
350 CHOI Christina T
351 CHONG Juan Ruffo D
352 CHUA Joan A
353 CHUA Jon Anton Daryl Y
354 CHUA Marites L
355 CHUA Maximilian
356 CHUA CHENG Perfecto Adelfo C
357 CIRILO Kristine Ria N
358 CLARIN Armando T
359 CLARINO Madonna N
360 CLEMENCIO Djhoana Gene A
361 CLEMENTE Katrina O
362 CLOMA Melissa D
363 CO Janice L
364 COBSEN Martinelli R
365 COLES Christopher R
366 COLINIO, JR. Ricardo A
367 COLLANTES King George Leandro Antonio V
368 COMAFAY, JR. Errol B
369 COMAHIG Niño Rey P
370 CONDEZ Christina Faye M
371 CONDEZ Dustin Jay A
372 CONDOR Glenn D
373 CONSEBIT Norlyn P
374 CONSTANTINO Alvin Joseph G
375 CONSTANTINO Bernie Francis B
376 CONSTANTINO Cherry Mae M
378 CONTRERAS Monaliza G
379 CORGOS Lenon Jay A
380 CORNEL Bernadette O
381 CORPUZ Christine C
382 CORPUZ Cynthia C
383 CORTES Santos Anthony O
384 COSTELO Arnold C
385 COTIAMCO Casiano Anthony G
386 CRESPO Alesandro G
387 CRISTOBAL Kristan Carlos M
388 CRUZ Agatha Paula A
389 CRUZ Anthony Ronar B
390 CRUZ Carmenez B
391 CRUZ Ferdinand O
392 CRUZ Karl Cornelio A
393 CRUZ, JR. Rene P
394 CRUZ-MENDOZA Karen Kaye C
395 CU Migñon Chrix D
396 CUA Mary Kimberly G
397 CUBERO John Paul B
398 CUEVAS Brian James C
399 CUGAL Arnold V
400 CUIZON Cyril Bryan D
401 CULANCULAN Ma. Cherryl M
402 CUMITAG Gaius P
403 CURAZA Maria Aurora R
404 CUSTODIO Niersen C
405 CUÑADA Jp Anthony D
406 CUÑANO Paul Michael J
407 DAAYATA Jessamine M
408 DABU Maria Helen T
409 DACLAN Eller Roel I
410 DACQUEL Denny A
411 DAGARAGA Roschelle B
412 DALANAO Heidiliza G
413 DALANGIN, JR. Bart Q
414 DALLO Zorayda R
415 DANAO Catherine S
417 DANO Richard M
418 DATOON Teresita U ------- CONGRATS YSAI....finally, answered prayer!
419 DAVID Kristine Kay S
420 DAVID Timothy J
421 DAYAG Wilhelmina Mojet S
422 DE CASTRO Thomas John Thaddeus F
423 DE GUZMAN Rico J
424 DE GUZMAN, III Ricardo C
425 DE JESUS Michael Ken R
426 DE JUAN-HERMOSO Maribeth L
427 DE LA CRUZ Kareen P
428 DE LARA Joel M
429 DE LEON Cyril F
430 DE LEON May Angeli G
431 DE LEON, JR. Hernan Ed Noel L
432 DE LOS SANTOS, JR. Ricardo C
433 DE LUNA Sherwin M
434 DE PERALTA Christian G
435 DE VERA Celina S
436 DE VEYRA Juan Carlos J
437 DEFANTE Divi Bless G
438 DEL SOCORRO Lloyd Ismael O
439 DELA CHICA Jose Jay E
440 DELA CRUZ Allen S
441 DELA CRUZ Donna Cher A
442 DELA CRUZ Eric B
443 DELA CRUZ John Gerald B
444 DELA CRUZ June Abigail S
445 DELA CRUZ Marie Francesca Luz O
446 DELA PAZ Carmela T
447 DELA PEÑA Aldin P
448 DELA RAMA Myra P
449 DELFIN Jeremy Diosana
450 DELGADO Julius Gregory B
451 DELOS REYES Grace Maria Theresa Bambi A
452 DELOS SANTOS Mar Angelo G
453 DEMETILLO Jasmin M
454 DERIGAY Rachel F
455 DIANO Melanie Rita B
456 DICIANO Rachel I
457 DIDAL Janice M
459 DIMAISIP Joyce Jazmin G
460 DIMANLIG Nicole Ava S
461 DINO Jan Paulo DL
462 DIONISIO Mary Jaynard P
463 DITAN Maria Cristina A
465 DIVINO Markson E
466 DIÑO Dominic A
467 DOCDOCIL Edith A
468 DOMINGO Bernard Joseph E
469 DOMINGO Johnson V
470 DOMINGO Joyce Felisa B
471 DOMINGO Maria Paula B
472 DOMINGUEZ Ina Alexandra A
473 DOMINO Julie Ann B
474 DORIA Arnold V
475 DUEÑAS Niña Genoveva D
476 DUNGCA Joy F
477 DURAN Alain Zam C
478 DURAN Marie Christine A
479 DURANO Mylene M
480 DY Denise S
481 DY Mark Robert A
483 EBREO Madonna L
484 EDUARTE, JR. Henedino Joseph P
485 ELANG Muiz-za M
486 ELE Maria Felicitas V
487 ELOT Beda Joy B
488 ENOPIA Frederick A
489 ENTILA Julius C
491 ESCAUSO Ronald C
492 ESCOLANO Ida Marie V
493 ESGUERRA Roman S
494 ESPEJO-BIAG Angela Patrice A
495 ESPELA Melan M
496 ESPINELI Karen Jill M
497 ESPINO Alain Paul B
499 ESPIRITU Kristine Nicole M
501 ESQUEJO Hilda L
502 ESQUIVIAS Julius Thomas A
504 ESTOLAS May Angeli M
505 ESTRELLA Paula Sophia G
506 EUSTAQUIO Magnolia D
508 FABIAN Marie P
509 FABILLAN Alexanderwerk E
510 FAJARDO Jean S
511 FAMOR Orwin Lloyd M
512 FARIÑAS Cherry Dane A
513 FAURILLO Michelle A
514 FAVIS Maria Cristina D
515 FAVORITO Meliza F
516 FELICIANO Dennis P
517 FELIPE Jennifer D
518 FERNANDEZ Ennoh Chentis R
519 FERNANDEZ Maricel D
520 FERNANDEZ Mc Jill Bryant T
522 FERNANDEZ, IV Cristobal R
523 FERRER Maricris S
524 FERROLINO Concepcion Zeny E
526 FLORES Aldwin Z
527 FLORES Ellen Grace R
528 FLORES Pedrito B
529 FLORES Sherwin D
530 FLORIA Joselea Y
531 FOZ Justice Anthony A
532 FRANCISCO Mariel L
533 FRANCISCO, JR. Philomel D
534 FRANCO Karin-lei N
535 FRISNEDI April Joy L
536 FUENTEBELLA Felix William B
537 FUENTES Ruth C
538 FULE-LOGAN Kathy Luisa G
539 FURIGAY Mark Leo P
540 GABIHAN Dennis R
541 GABOR Allan Jae V
542 GABRIEL Daisy Ann S
543 GABRIEL Sherry Anne C
544 GACUTAN Sheila C
545 GAELA Frederick C
546 GALANG Emmanuel L
547 GALANTO Mary Anne B
548 GALAPON Martin C
549 GALVAN Mark J
550 GALVEZ Hernando C
551 GALVEZ Mechelee Kieth F
552 GAMBOA Joan Lou P
553 GANA Joanna Kristine S
554 GAPATAN Jasmine Ann B
555 GARCIA Grace P
556 GARCIA Jesse James A
557 GARCIA Kerwyn D
558 GARCIA Marc Jeremiah R
559 GARCIA Maria Khristina Z
560 GARCIA Marisa P
561 GARCIA Mark Evarra M
562 GARCIA Michael P
564 GARRUCHO Gretchen Y
565 GATDULA Eddielyn L
566 GATURIAN Lalaine T
567 GAVAS, JR. Ernesto R
568 GAY-YA Jerico G
569 GAYAGAY Romelyn B
570 GEALON Rey M
572 GELBOLINGO Juliemie B
573 GENUINO Erwin F
574 GEOCANIGA Rommel T
575 GERMAN Dainelee V
576 GIANAN, JR. Lino A
577 GIGA Marlou C
579 GO Abigail V
580 GO Erdelyne C
581 GO Ormil D
582 GOLEZ Sylvester P
583 GOMEZ Ira Jordana Margrethe M
584 GOMEZ Jacqueline Ann Marie O
585 GOMEZ Mark Louie L
586 GOMEZ Michael Geronimo R
587 GOMEZ Patricia Isabel O
588 GOMINTONG Jemarose G
590 GONZALES Lifrendo M
591 GONZALES, JR. Cesario G
592 GONZALEZ Archimedes B
593 GONZALEZ Rosario Carmela B
594 GORRES Angelina Luisa V
595 GRANDE Charlemagne Angelo C
597 GREGORIO Jenneth M
598 GRIMALDO Ivy Joy R
599 GUAN Ina Claire B
600 GUARNES, JR. Felix G
601 GUAYCO Gideon Rey V
602 GUERRERO Alejandro Epifanio D
603 GUERRERO Feliz Marie M
604 GUERRERO Kathleen Phyllis P
605 GUEVARRA Melanie O
606 GUEVARRA Rexford D
607 GUMABON Joseph Ray P
608 GUMATAY, JR. Efren G
609 GUMBAO Ethyl Fe T
610 GUNGON Flora Fe B
611 GUYO Muamar A
612 HAMOY Owlette Christine Jill D
613 HARON Noharddin M
614 HASSAN Najira S
615 HASSIMAN Jalsidrie T
616 HERNANDEZ Elaine May P
617 HERNANDEZ Helen Grace S
618 HERNANDEZ Robert A
619 HERNANDEZ Rosette M
620 HERNANE Herbert B
621 HERRERA Catherine N
622 HIPOLITO Maria Bienvenida Angelica D
624 HUECAS Roy V
626 IGNACIO Maria Theresa Distajo
627 ILAGAN, IV Ruben R
629 INIHAO Reymund G
630 INOCENCIO, JR. Miguel C
631 ISIDORO Augusto Eric C
632 ISRAEL Johnny W
633 ISRAEL Marilyn M
634 JACOB Jihan A
635 JALA Majesty Eve L
636 JAM Madeline Arezu T
637 JAMBANGAN Bambeth Mahal C
638 JARA Thacher C
639 JARAMILLA Gilbert M
640 JAVIER Doris C
641 JAVIER Kirby G
642 JAVIER Nesly Joy S
644 JAYSON Renelyn B
645 JIMENEZ Vicente S
646 JONES Ramon Jose E
647 JOSOL Mary Kathleen C
648 JOVEN Melissa Genevieve B
649 JUAN Eric R
650 JUMUAD Harold A
651 JURADO Leonard Peejay V
652 JURILLA Keenan Rhys Y
653 JUSAY Kenneth J
655 KALIM Abdul Rashid P
656 KAPALAC Judemar V
657 KIMAYONG Zozimo P
658 KINTANAR Maria Ysidra May Y
659 LABINE Annie Rose L
660 LABRADOR Felmanda C
661 LABRIAGA Ma. Jessette G
662 LACSON Rosstum C
663 LADERA, IV Antonio V
664 LADORES Ivan Mark S
665 LAGAN Rachel Lee V
666 LAGUDAS, JR. Eulogio L
667 LAGULA Kristina V
668 LAGUNZAD Sam Dominic T
669 LAJA Leah Easter P
670 LALUNA Ma. Isabel Z
671 LAMBO Ma. Celeste R
672 LAMPACAN Andres Arnold W
673 LAO Kristyn Jean R
674 LAOLAO, JR. Antonio L
675 LARA Maria Leah R
677 LARGO Nelson V
678 LARGOZA Salvador Gregorio L
679 LARIBA Ma. Gloria Alphine S
680 LARIOSA Jessie A
681 LASAM-CUMAGUN Mari-grace C
682 LAURESTE Florida L
683 LAURON Manuel Patrick K
684 LAYGO Jennifer E
685 LAZARITO Khristine Kay M
686 LEDESMA Cheryl Marie V
687 LEE Janice C
688 LEE Kelvin Lester K
689 LEE Marjorie B
690 LEGASPI Bellatrix O
691 LEGASPI Joan Michelle M
692 LEUNG Florendo L
693 LEYCANO Andrea B
694 LEYVA Eunika Lesli R
695 LIANGCO Daryl G
696 LICERA Geony P
697 LICERALDE Ma. Elizabeth L
698 LICO Marisse Gay G
699 LIGMAYO Paul D
700 LIM Bryan S
701 LIM Laarni Victoria B
702 LIM Lovely E
703 LIMBING Cheryl T
704 LINCUNA Duke Ramil P
705 LLANES Lawrence Q
706 LOCAYLOCAY Amife Joan C
707 LOCSIN Ryan A
708 LOFRANCO Vicar Loureen G ------ Congrats Vikes, Ate Buena didn't make it!!!
709 LOGRONIO Jennie Ann T

710 LOPEZ Dhonadette L
711 LOPEZ Michael Angelo O
712 LOPEZ-ORO Corazon Natividad D
713 LORENZO Edmond B
714 LORENZO Neil E
715 LUARDO, JR. Edgardo B
716 LUCERO Rhoan G
717 LUCILA, II Roberto Rafael N
718 LUIS Benjamin S
719 LUMACTOD Joseph Eric C
721 LUMEREZ, JR. Cresente B
722 LYNN Jacques S
723 MABANES April Rose S
724 MACABANDO Samina S
725 MACABAYA Beryl Concepcion O
726 MACAPAGAL Ferdinand L
727 MACAPAGAL Michael T
729 MACARUBBO Epifania B
730 MACATANGAY Augusto Leon A
731 MACATANGAY Michael Remir H
732 MACAYRA Marianne M
733 MACEREN Lyndon A
734 MACOY Cristine L
735 MACTAL Walter L
736 MADRILEJO Leonides M
738 MAGNABE Kirk Andrew T
740 MAGTIBAY Medwin B
742 MAHAWAN Benison M
743 MAHINAY Girlie C
744 MAHIPUS Diosdado Angelo Junior R
745 MALABAG Maria Rhodora A
747 MALANDAC Clariza P
748 MALAPOTE Paul Edgar F
749 MALAYA Milagros Evans I
750 MALIBIRAN Bernard Joseph B
751 MALIGAYA Greg Zacarias M
752 MALLARI Katrina Bianca H
753 MAMBA Maria Rosario S
754 MANABILANG Haroun Bin Omar E
755 MANALASTAS Dennis Gerard F
756 MANALAYSAY Andrea Celene M
757 MANALAYSAY Anna Karin F
758 MANALIGOD Ismael T
759 MANALO Paul Erik D
760 MANANGHAYA Maria Melinda S
761 MANANZAN Monica J
762 MANAOG Mary Hazel C
763 MANAOIS Fely Reina V
764 MANCENIDO Uella Vida V
767 MANLANGIT Angelo D
768 MANONGAS Queen Ann D
770 MANTE, JR. Urbano T
771 MANUBAG Amiel Joaquin E
772 MARABE Ridgway C
773 MARAON Leah B
774 MARAPAO Lord V R
775 MARASIGAN Jennifer M
776 MARASIGAN Nerissa L
777 MARGARICO Paul Andre R
778 MARGATE Karl Anthony R
780 MARIANO Emmanuel M
781 MARQUEZ Joyce Marie B
782 MARQUIÑO John Mark C
783 MARTELINO Jobert M
784 MARTHO Edgar S
785 MARTIN Karl Francis S
786 MARTIN Nilo N
787 MARTINEZ Amelia Cristina V
789 MARZAN Antonio F
790 MARZO Lailani C
791 MASACAL Anwar U
792 MATA, II Reynold DG
793 MATEO Eleanor R
794 MATIAS Dexter G
795 MATILLANO Lovely Concepcion C
796 MAURICIO Paul Vincent R
797 MAXIMO Dinah P
798 MAÑALAC Maria Elizabeth S
800 MEDRANO Jayferson F
801 MEER Rafael Antonio P
802 MENDOZA Claudie M
803 MENDOZA Exzon B
804 MENDOZA Gerald Al P
805 MENDOZA Justin Christopher C
806 MENDOZA Melinda Cielo C
807 MENDOZA Sunshine D
808 MENDOZA Winston Aris M
809 MENESES Hermielita M
810 MENOR Benjie Benjamin A
811 MENOR Dianna Kathrina C
812 MERCADO Charade B
813 MERCADO Jihan Carla T ------ CONGRATULATIONS ATTY. JIHAN!!! Finally, you made it!!!
814 MESINA Maria Merle M
815 MICIANO Renee Lynn C
816 MIGUEL Genalyn N
817 MILITANTE Karen Leslie N
818 MILLAN Sharon B
819 MIRANDA Romina M
820 MISA John Paul Louis D
821 MISON Rafael Jaime A
822 MOISES Mary Grace D
823 MOLAS Karen Lisette T
824 MOLDEZ Mary Glenn T
825 MOLINA Christian Dawn G
826 MON Maricar F
827 MONJARDIN Marc Lee N
828 MONSALUD Kristin Ayn D
829 MONTEALEGRE Cheryll Grace H
830 MONTEALTO Stahrl Khristine G
831 MONTECER Marie Concepcion A
833 MONTINO Raul R
834 MONTON, JR. Higino A
835 MORADA Joyce Marie Antoinette L
836 MORALEDA Karla Monica S
837 MORALES April Raine B
838 MORALES Reggie E
839 MORALLOS-OMAR Maria Laarni N
840 MORANDO Jovit R
842 MOSQUEDA Carmela V
843 MOTRIL Helen Grace A
844 NACARIO Jupiter V
845 NADELA, JR. Raul A
846 NAMALATA Joeffrey D
847 NARAG, JR. Mario Atanasio P
848 NARAWI Jullie Mael M
849 NASDOMAN Johnson P
850 NATINO-FALALIMPA Kristin Marie L
851 NATIVIDAD Christian D
852 NATIVIDAD Maria Cecilia G
853 NAVARRO Ma. Cristina T
854 NEBRIJA Michael V
855 NEMENZO Ann Marie L
857 NEPOMUCENO Ann Sophie M
858 NERI Mark Peter G
859 NERO Ma. Josenia A
861 NGO Tom Jayson O
862 NICOLAS Kristian A
863 NICOLAS Menilba M
864 NILLO Aquino Martin V
865 NIONES John Paul D
866 NOCETE Randy F
867 NOCHE Kristen G
868 NODQUE Vida Grace Z
869 NOGOY Ivy Grace B
870 NOLASCO Charisma I
871 NOLASCO Leonid C
872 NOLASCO, JR. Ramon C
873 NUEVO Shirley O
874 NUÑEZ Victor Maria D
875 OBIAL Florence Ed T
876 OBTINALLA, JR. Simeon C
877 OBUS Jose Julius P
878 OCAMPO Francis Louie U
879 OCAMPO Nancy M
880 OCAMPO Rory Jorge L
881 OCANG Jeffrey James G
882 OCHE Jonathan S
883 OCHOA-SARMIENTO Faustina Victoria E
884 OLARTE Rosemarie T
885 OLIDAN Maria Karen S
886 OLIVAR Carlo U
887 OMADTO Jeffrey P
888 ONDOY, JR. Fermin D
889 ONG Cezar S
890 ONGKIKO Emil Bien F
891 ONGSIAPCO Carmela S
892 ONIA, JR. Modesto F
893 ONTALAN Frances Mae Cherryl K
894 ORDAS Nathalia V
895 ORENCIO Donna O
896 OROLA Christopher George L
897 OROPILLA Majellyn N
898 ORTEGA Luz Matilde Niña Dorotea T
899 ORTIZ Ianela Carla M
900 ORTIZ Ruel A
901 OSORIO Fair Lady T
902 OVALLES Franchesca T
903 OÑATE Ronald G
904 PABALAN Analyn T
905 PACIO Maricar P
906 PACOLI Marco Antonio G
907 PACURIBOT Jennifer C
908 PADAYAO Renchi May M
909 PADERANGA, JR. Goering George A
910 PADILLA Jennifer G
911 PAGHACIAN Chiqui H
914 PAGLINAWAN George Ahmed G
915 PAGTAKHAN June Ann R
916 PAGUICAN Adrian D
917 PAGULAYAN Amorsito B
918 PAGULAYAN Domiciano A
919 PAGUNTALAN Mark Geoffrey P
920 PAHUGOT-TOLEDO Anatrinel T
921 PALABRICA Gladys Pearl T
923 PALILEO Anya M
924 PALISOC Marianne R
925 PALMA Richard Alfred N
926 PALMES Jacqueline H
927 PALOMO Alaine Arnolf A
928 PAMFILO Floralie M
929 PAMONAG Ronilo L
930 PANCHO Frela S
935 PANGILINAN Erlyn Aurea T
936 PANIS Rhuel D
937 PAQUEO Alwen M
938 PARADERO-GUZMAN Katharine Freida B
939 PARAOAN Karl Patrick N
940 PARAÑAL Marveluna A
941 PARDIAN, JR. Joseph L
942 PAREJA Randy M
944 PASCUA Charity L
945 PASCUA Ramar Niel V
946 PASCUA Raymond Joseph D
947 PASCUAL Rigor R
948 PASTELERO Miguel Antonio B
949 PASTORES Stella Angela G
950 PATAJO Jose Paolo A
951 PATRIARCA Richard P
952 PAYLIP Rosevee R
953 PEGARIDO Erlyn M
955 PELAYO Virgie Lynn O
956 PERALTA Arjay N
957 PERANG Dennis C
958 PEREZ Gene Vincent G
959 PEREZ Joseph Brian T
960 PEREZ Ma. Kathryn Joy Q
961 PERILLO Patrick Simon S
962 PESCADOR Jeremy L
963 PESTAÑO Rose Mae F
964 PEÑALOSA Wilfred Ramon M
965 PHUA Marc Achilles M
966 PICHAY Jane Laarni O
967 PILLADO Noreen A
968 PINEDA Cristina Mia S
969 POBLETE Jonathan Sixto M
970 POBRE Christopher H
971 POLITICO Jeicqpoi N
972 PONFERRADA Regidor A
973 PONSARAN Joy Marie B
974 PONSARAN Raizuli A
975 PONTANAL Alpha Carole O
976 PONTEJOS Fiona G
977 PONTIOSO Rhea Mae A
978 PRADO Crystal I
979 PROSIANOS Myrtle B
980 PUA-NG Janelyn S
981 PUASO Garry Franco C
982 PUGOY Roland Jun S
983 PULMA Dionne E
984 PUNO Charles Michael T
985 PURUEL Rojane M
986 PUZON David Julian G
987 PUZON Kaythreene Eunice G
988 QUAN Ryan Jeremiah D
989 QUE Nanette A --------CONGRATS NANETTE... wow, after 9 years ba? This is it na!!!
990 QUERRER Janice S
991 QUEZON Don-vic P
992 QUIDATO Sherwin Paul E
993 QUILENTE Mary Grace C
994 QUIMPO Maria Kristine A
995 QUINAGAN Cristina Mae G
996 QUINTANA Rizza R
997 QUIRINO-ABALOS Sylvia Maria Anna P
998 QUITAIN Elizabeth F
999 QUITAIN Katherine F
1000 QUIZO Mary Therese P
1001 RABAGO Rey S
1002 RABORAR Eden R
1003 RACHO Melanie V
1004 RADJAIE Tareeq Yahya Timhar A
1005 RAFAL Chris A
1006 RAGASA Jerleah Remedios B
1007 RAGAY Mera Jane C
1008 RAIMUNDO Rhudilyn April B
1009 RAMIREZ Leslie B
1010 RAMIREZ Shaina Anella B
1011 RAMOS Anna Lorem R
1012 RAMOS Gemma Lou P
1013 RAMOS Ginalyn Y
1014 RAMOS Patrick T
1015 RAMOS, III Primo A
1016 RANARA Lilibeth R
1017 RANCES Domnina T
1018 RANCES Esther Rose N
1019 RAPISTA Judy Marie E
1020 RAYMUNDO Vanessa C
1021 RAZON Judy B
1022 RECINTO Alex G
1023 RECIO Marichelle B
1024 RECTA Gracea Hephzibah R
1025 REFAZO Mynoa M
1026 REFE Analyn E
1027 REGIS April Love C
1028 REMIGIO, JR. Glenn A
1029 REMULLA Giselle B
1030 RENEGADO Renato C
1032 RESURRECCION Maria Greta R
1033 REUYAN-DABON Joyous S
1034 REVILLA, JR. Quirino P
1035 REYES Antoinette E
1036 REYES Irene Patricia N
1037 REYES John Adelbert L
1038 REYES Johnson G
1039 REYES Kristine Mari I
1040 REYES Mark A
1041 REYES Ron Winston A
1042 REYES Valerie Jill S
1043 RIBAS James Paul J
1044 RICAFORT Evita Mariz M
1045 RICO Ellen S
1047 RIVAS Polaris Grace H
1048 RIVERA Augustine A
1049 RIVERA Francinina Gracia I
1050 RIVERA Joy S
1052 ROBILLO Ernesto Raphael V
1053 ROBLES Frederick Joe N
1054 RODRIGO, III Romeo G
1055 RODRIGUEZ Karen Joyce D
1057 RODRIGUEZ Renel Joseph T
1058 RONGO Marcelino C
1059 ROQUE Anna Kristina D
1060 ROQUE Nelson Silvestre
1061 ROSALES Juvy Grace E
1062 ROSARIO Albert R
1063 ROSARIO Lotis P
1064 ROSELLO Jalika Mae F
1065 ROVERO, JR. Vicente F
1066 ROXAS Chino Paolo Z
1067 ROXAS Johndy B
1068 ROXAS Rea M
1069 RUANTO Chris Paolo R
1070 RUBENECIA Vic Allan E
1071 RUBIO Carl Andrew M
1072 RUIZ Ariel N
1073 RUIZ Cholyn Mae M
1074 RUIZ Jose Meno C
1075 SABARRE Rino E
1077 SABERON Paul Richard A
1078 SABIO Fides Angeli G
1079 SADANG Felton C
1080 SADIA Francisco F
1081 SAGA Alvin L
1082 SAGAUINIT Kenneth C
1083 SAGMON Ingrid P
1084 SAGPAEY Jake A
1085 SAHIRON Lilian I
1086 SAIDDI Pherham S
1087 SAJILI Aquino J
1088 SAKANDAL Al-kadam A
1089 SAKKAM Eric Ismael P
1090 SALA Mashur S
1091 SALADAGA Romeo A
1092 SALAZAR Armida B
1093 SALAZAR Didith A
1094 SALAZAR Doris Sharry P
1095 SALAZAR Johnsen A
1096 SALAZAR Roberto A
1097 SALCEDO Karl Andre G
1098 SALE Jenny U
1099 SALEM Ephraim Garnet M
1100 SALIENTE Jacqueline Kate T
1101 SALONGA Christianne Grace F
1102 SALUD Joseph B
1103 SALVA Jocelyn T
1104 SALVE Allan O
1105 SALVO Ariel C
1106 SAMONTE Aren Marie H
1107 SAMPIOR Jorrey T
1108 SAMSON Benjamin R
1109 SAN JOSE Aiza Katrina L
1110 SANCHEZ Bheejhay D
1111 SANCHEZ, II Jay Karel P
1112 SANTIAGO Genesi M
1113 SANTIAGO James A
1114 SANTIAGO Jay Patrick R
1115 SANTIAGO Joann Norpeth M
1116 SANTIAGO Michael M
1117 SANTOS Jhon V
1118 SANTOS Ma. Angelica M
1119 SANTOS Melissa A
1120 SANTOS Michelle Sharon Clara C
1121 SANTOS Phillip Charles G
1122 SANTOS Regina Azucena G
1123 SAQUETON Maria Cresenciana M
1124 SAQUING Sheryl B
1125 SARENAS Jason Kyle M
1126 SARMIENTO Ramon Abraham A
1127 SARNO Michael Angelo C
1128 SATURNINO Charles Ian O
1129 SAYAO Rosemarie B
1130 SECILLANO Jefferson C
1131 SEE Mary Kimberlie C
1132 SEGURA Richelle R
1133 SELPATEN Rodante C
1134 SEMA Omar Yasser C
1135 SENO Andrei P
1136 SERRANO Edward Robinson P
1137 SERRANO Juanito D
1138 SESE John Martin H
1139 SETIAS Lorevi Grace C
1140 SEVA Farrah Mae R
1141 SEVILLA Miracle Joy P
1142 SIA Teresa Geraldine C
1143 SIA, III Quintin P
1144 SIAO Kristin Charisse C
1145 SIASON Alfonso Miguel ML
1146 SIH Davidson Rich L
1147 SILANGA Donnalee G
1148 SILVALA Michael Philip B
1149 SINOGBA Rosalio S
1150 SIRUNO Christian Paul G
1151 SISON Adrian Manuel P
1152 SISON Anna Marin F
1153 SISON Jeffrey Michael F
1154 SISON Sarah Maria Q
1155 SISON-JAVIER Sheila Marie V
1156 SOBERANO Maria Jomah F
1157 SOJOR Alvie Marie L
1158 SOLANO John Albert S
1159 SOLERO Dhalya Grace M
1160 SOLIDON Trina Joy A
1161 SOLIS Carlo Roberto C
1162 SOLIVAS Jasmine L
1163 SOMBRITO Jenny Mae Z
1164 SOMERA Helen Grace J
1165 SORIANO Donna S
1166 SORIANO Marlon U
1167 STA. ANA-LAZARO Bernadeth N
1168 STA. ROSA Karla A
1169 SUBEJANO Z'sa May B
1170 SUBIBI Arneil B
1171 SUELO Risha Mae J
1172 SUGUE Neil Anthony L
1173 SUGUI Louella S
1174 SUGUITAN Sara Jane A
1175 SUMAGAYSAY Nasty Jones S
1176 SUMPO Gilda A
1177 SUSON Mary Ann W
1178 SY Anthony Jordan L
1179 SY Maritess C
1180 TABANERA Lynnicel L
1181 TABLATE Jaemarie N
1182 TADEO Ryan T
1184 TAMAYO Ray Jean D
1185 TAMON Bernard O
1186 TAMPON Aaron L
1187 TAN Art Laurent A
1188 TAN Ashley Lene N
1189 TAN Christine Joy K
1190 TAN Eunice Hyacinth L
1191 TAN Francis Ambrosio S
1192 TAN Norma A
1193 TANDOG Frances Cyrille F
1194 TANGONAN, III Eugenio N
1195 TANGUANCO Alvin B
1196 TAPAYAN Olive Grace A
1197 TAPIA Arvin Q
1198 TAYLAN Kathrine S
1199 TE Marilyn O
1200 TECSON Arlene Grace DV
1201 TECSON Ferdinand C
1202 TED Rosbie I
1203 TELAN Allison Zoila M
1204 TELAN Melissa Anne M
1205 TEMPROSA Charmie Clare T
1206 TEODORO Edison C
1207 TEODOSIO Therese T
1208 TIMBOL Chrysostom T
1209 TIMBREZA Nannette M
1210 TINAZA Leah B
1211 TIPAN Erlinda Candy S
1212 TIU Heli B
1213 TOLEDO Marjorie Ann C
1214 TOLENTINO Mark Kristopher G
1215 TOLENTINO Rommel T
1216 TOLOSA, JR. Benjamin S
1217 TOPACIO Anthony Leonard G
1218 TOQUERO Ismael A
1219 TORBELA Paolo G
1220 TORMES Francy D
1221 TORMIS Maria Carmen R
1222 TORREDES Artemio Jay G
1223 TORRENTIRA Aldrin O
1224 TORREVILLAS Manuenilda Rosario A
1225 TORRIL Jennifer M
1226 TRINIDAD Rudyard Anthony M
1227 TRIPOLI Christopher P
1228 TUAZON, III Jerome Victor C
1229 TUBBAN Henry Junior B
1230 TUMANENG Angeline M
1231 TUPAS Gene Carl L
1232 TUTOR, JR. Fidel S
1233 TY Robert Leo C
1234 UBOD Ronel A
1235 UDARBE Dendo G
1236 UGALINO Karen Anne M
1237 ULANDAY Marcelo N
1238 UMILA, II Benito B
1239 UNTALAN Mialeen C
1240 UY Jerilee V
1241 UY Juan Carlos T
1243 VALDEHUEZA Christian L
1245 VALERA, JR. Joseph D
1246 VALLEJO Jenny May G
1247 VARGAS Carlo Alessandro B
1248 VASQUEZ Gerald DL
1249 VEGA Marie Crystal May C
1250 VEHEMENTE Renato R
1251 VELASQUEZ Cielito May T
1252 VELASQUEZ Kaima Via B
1253 VELASQUEZ Shirley G
1254 VELOSO Marius Fitzgerald E
1255 VENERACION Ma. Theresa S
1256 VER Christian Francis C
1257 VERANO Samuel C
1258 VERGARA Manolo Geoffrey C
1259 VERGARA, III Melito A
1260 VILLABLANCA Reymond Q
1261 VILLAMOR Jordana Day V
1262 VILLAMOR Michael Angelo A
1263 VILLAMOR Vimari D
1264 VILLANIA Reynold B
1265 VILLANUEVA Karl Anthony B
1266 VILLANUEVA Monica Isabelle I
1267 VILLANUEVA Wilnerson B
1268 VILLARIÑA Glenn C
1269 VILLASFER Dennis R
1270 VILLEGAS Adelwiza S
1271 VILLEGAS Jonathan C
1272 VILLEGAS, II Enrique C
1273 VILLENA Charito R
1274 VILLENA Katherine C
1275 VILLEROZ Raymond C
1276 VIRAY, III Marcial Joseph M
1277 VISTO Jay M
1278 VITAL Menita J
1279 WADINGAN Lisle D
1280 WATANABE Ayako S
1281 WEE SIT IV Manuel M
1282 WONG Jessa G
1283 WONG Lynvic M
1284 XAVIER Ela R
1285 YABUT Michael C
1286 YADAO, JR. Arturo Y
1287 YAMBAO Marissa C
1288 YANOGACIO Mariel A
1289 YANSON Juvy D
1290 YANTO-VIRAY Catherine A
1291 YEBAN Ryan John T
1292 YPULONG Rhyne A
1293 YU Frederick T
1294 YUMUL Bess Joy M
1295 YUTATCO-SZE Gloriosa P
1296 YUZON-CHAVES Kristine Rosary E
1297 ZALES Marvin L
1298 ZALSOS-UYCHIAT Maria Paz Teresa V
1299 ZAMBRANO Sheryl Jane C
1300 ZAMORA Ysabel Maria J
1301 ZAMORAS Joseph Ian S
1302 ZAPANTA Andrei J
1303 ZAPATA Ronadale M
1305 ZARAGOSA Jinky C
1306 ZARENO Michelle May I
1307 ZIPAGAN Myra T
1308 ZOLETA Tristan Ysaak M
1309 ZOSA Athena M
1310 ZOSA, III Manuel Eufracio F

The Big Day...

April 3 is the most awaited day for those who took the 2008 Phil Bar Exam. I was trying to get in touch with my fellow classmates and dorm-mates, but all of them went off-line since yesterday. I do understand why... Those who will pass would probably be online the very moment the result is released, but to some would take a while to resurface. Whatever the outcome, ako 24 hours pa ding online, however I have to take a warm shower now, go to bed and sleep. I already set the alarm at 6AM, as according to some source, the result will be released between 4PM-6PM (naks parang Jack Bauer in 24)...

I already pulled-out the newspaper (see photo above---- hay healthy ng nails ko...hehehe) and will immediately check who among them will become lawyers in 5 hours!!!

Night folks... wish me goodluck!!!

The Opposite??!!

Oh boy, it was just a dream!!!

They said, whatever occurs in your dream the opposite will going to happened. Whenever I have a bad dream, friends will say "don't worry, kabaligtaran yong mangyayari..." Well, whatever it is I just had a good and bad dream. Mind you, kakagising ko lang and still in bed, typing...

I heard the alarm at 7AM. I know I have to get-up because I need to bring out Max to poop and pee. Unfortunately I fell asleep, dreaming.... In my dreams, I failed. I didn't pass the bar exam. But my sister did!!! Not just an ordinary passer but she was able to grab the Top 1 obtaining a 98% score.. (Gosh, panaginip nga me score pa!)... So tawag ako sa Pinas (see, in my dreams tama ang location, nasa US and was able to talk ko my sister congratulating them....while me crying. (at least normal ako sa panaginip kasi naiyak)...

Then suddenly I heard a strange voice (di kasama sa panaginip ko to ha) saying "Hon, Max has something for you on the floor"... Oh well, I said "Thanks God, it was just a dream..." Panaginip nga lang because how would Rafael will top the BAR eh hindi naman siya nag-exam???

Anyway, in 30 minutes the Supreme Court enbanc will start to deliberate the passing percentage, then probably around noon the list will be out.... (Mali, gabi pa pala sa Pinas)...

I will savor the moment of waiting and waiting and waiting in agony, anticipation, excitement etc. Sabi ngani sa Bikol, gari ka nagkakaudo, pabalik-balik sa banyo tapos dai man ki nagluluwas........

Hours to go... itutulog ko na lang ulit to...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The most awaited result is soon to be out. Yes, isang tulog na lang and I will find out if I made it or not!!!

Six months ago I was in Manila for this exam. Four Sundays of September, 8 hours of writing, as in hand-writing... Four Sundays where you have nothing to do but to sit, read and write. Trying to digest the lengthy and horrendous question, hoping to nail down every question to impress the Examiner who will be checking the booklet...

After the First Sunday - I and Jessica went to Saisaki in Manila. The adrenalin was high as Political and Labor Law was not that bad. I mean, it was bad but not too bad. Monday morning we had full body massage.......... (Oh, I miss it now!)

Come Second & Third Sunday where I face the killer subject TAXATION!!! I hope hindi ako ma-DQ dito. After Taxation, I saw one examinee crying and disappointed and ayaw ng ituloy ang exam... Bagsak na din daw naman siya why struggle pa?!! I feel bad for her but I have to finish the exam. One more Sunday and it will be over. Besides, mas walang chance to pass If I will not complete the 4 Sundays. Saka, I paid $1,500 for my plane ticket back to Pinas, away from home for 4 months, plus all the other food and accommodation expenses - NO, walang atrasan to. Pumasa man o PUMASA!!!!

Fourth Sunday, the last day of that extensive exam --- REMEDIAL LAW in the morning and ETHICS in the afternoon.... Mahirap, yet so rewarding. I couldn't explain the feeling when I was writing my last sentence in ETHICS (Deed of Donation ata yung sinusulat ko?) at ng aking itatarak ang huling "." period sign - - - I said to myself "This is it!!!" I successfully finished the exam.... I savor every moment when I was handing my paper to the proctor. On my way out I can hear the cheering, and laughter. Buhusan ng beer. Oh my, had teary eyes.

Yeah, I was extremely happy because I was able to finish the exam. Year 2006 kasi I was a BAR candidate, unfortunately 2 days before the exam I was brought to Manila Doctors and was confined for 11 days. Grade IV Dengue Fever...

Tomorrow is the end of the agony of waiting if pumasa ba o hindi... If I pass, I will immediately book a flight back to Manila to attend the oath taking. This time with my husband na. If NOT then, goodbye lawyering - because I don't have any plan of taking the exam again. Long overdue na ang Clinicals ko. I'll be an R.N. for sure.

2008 BARRISTERS - Goodluck!!!!!!!!!!!

Supreme Court News Flash:

Results of 2008 Bar Exams Released On April 3

Posted: April 1, 2009
By Annie Rose A. Laborte

The results of the 2008 Bar examinations will be released by the Supreme Court En Banc this Friday, April 3. The SC Justices will meet at 9 a.m. that day to deliberate on the passing percentage.

Justice Dante O. Tinga, Chairperson of the 2008 Committee on Bar Examinations, said the list of the names will be displayed in LCD projectors to be strategically displayed at the Supreme Court front yard near its Padre Faura entrance. The results can be viewed simultaneously at, the official website of the High Court.

Figures from the Office of the Bar Confidant headed by Deputy Clerk of Court and Bar Confidant Atty. Ma. Cristina B. Layusa showed a total of record 6,364 law graduates from 109 law schools nationwide took and finished the exams held on September 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2008 at the De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila.

A total of 6,550 law graduates have filed their petitions to take the 2008 Bar exams; a record 6,533 were admitted. The number decreased to still a record 6,364 after 158 examinees absented themselves from the tests during the first Sunday, while others have dropped out even during the four Sunday spread. Only 6,364 were able to finish up to the fourth Sunday of the exams, Atty. Layusa said.

The Rules of Court provide that “a candidate may be deemed to have passed his examination successfully if he has obtained a general average of 75% in all subjects without falling below 50% in any subject.” In determining the average, subjects in the examinations are given the following relative weights: Political and International Law, 15%; Labor and Social Legislation, 10%; Civil Law, 15%; Taxation, 10%; Mercantile Law, 15%; Criminal Law, 10%; Remedial Law, 20%; and Legal Ethics and Practical Exercises, 5%, for a total of 100%.

It's time to pull-out the Manila Bulletin issued a week before the first Sunday of September 2008.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Maximillian @ 9 weeks

His name is Maximillian, Max for short. We bought him from a breeder in Georgia ( He's AKC registered. He boarded Delta flight from Georgia to NJ, so we picked him up at Newark airport last February 14 this year.

This blue eyed young Havanese loves to cuddle, licked, run and play.

Max grabbed my headband

Displaying his back...

Love's outdoor

His bed and toys...

Now has a pal name Jennifer, a stuffed toy bought by his dad for him... caught him most of the time doing naughty thing with Jennifer...

Monday, February 23, 2009


One afternoon with super flash Maxim...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Max

I am proud to introduce to you, the birth of my son ------------- Max. A certified pedigree Havanese....... AKC registered. Bought online from a Breeder in Georgia. We will pick him-up at the Newark Airport on Thursday. So excited to have him...

I tried uploading the video but failed, so here's my Youtube account where you can see playful Max...

Smile blogosphere!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Haven't been blogging for a while. Busy at work, school and FRINGE!

What is Fringe by the way? Well it is a science fiction television series premiered on September 2008 on the Fox Network. Oh, I love the twist of every episode - Agent Olivia Dunham, Peter and the research scientist Walter (Peter's dad).

With my busy schedule, (work and Filipino shows lol) I didn't even know about this show. How I came across Fringe? Well, it was an accident. Precisely!!! I'm back to Fox network because of the 24 Season 7 and American Idol. Unfortunately, my schedule failed to coincide with these shows. To the rescue, Marsha introduced me Since then, I never worry about missing a show because I always have the chance to watch the show in my laptop, at my own pace - with limited commercial breaks.

I am supposed to be reading articles for my English class, unfortunately I can't take off my eyes to Fringe. A long way to go for me because right now I'm on the first season, episode 5. Gosh, a long way to go!!!

Thanks Marsha. Your a bookworm... err net worm.

Have a good one folks, and thanks for visiting my page regularly.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sony Play Station 3

Sony Play Station 3 as a Blu Ray Player is a plus. The picture is perfect, far from the conventional screen you'll get even from an HD TV. PS3 is a game console, but I am not really interested on the games, but on the player itself. Rental of Bluray disc at Blockbuster is expensive, so we resulted getting a plan at Netflix...

Red Santa Hat, Red Nails & Red Shorts for Xmas!!!

Enuff of hibernating!!! Been busy with work and the holiday craze, so I wasn't able to visit my blog and other blogger that frequented my site. We had a Filipino, American and Italian dishes for the Christmas and New Years Eve Media Noche...

Christmas is gift-giving so it's always fun to open a box of gift especially when you least expect it. It's not a piece of jewelry, nor an LV purse or a Cartier watch - but I was so happy to see that box in front of our. As per Tom, that box had been sitting at the back of the tree for days before Christmas. There's nothing he can think of that will make me happy but a cup of Coffee, that's why he decided to buy me a Keurig Platinum Edition One Cup Coffee Maker for Christmas. He was right, I was really delighted though I can also afford to buy one, but I'd rather not. It's always a pleasure to open a gift, irregardless of what's inside the box.

Tom got his Sony Play Station 3 Bluray edition. He's my child, as he is into games. That replaces Nintendo Wii spot in the bedroom.

It's New Year, and I wish everyone a prosperous and healthier 2009!!!

Long Live America...


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