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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TFC local TV Shows

Those who failed to watch your favorite soap and newscast abroad, just log on to my page, scroll down and you'll find the easy access to my favorite channel in youtube free of charge.

I used to have a TFC and then later on I switched to ABS-CBN for about a year, but because of those who are nice of sharing the shows online, I decided to have it cut. Now, I am updated to what's going on in my home country. Take Note: No Commercial break, and as long as my laptop is with me - am good.

However, when I was in the Philippines (for 3 months), I wasn't able to watch newscast. BUT, I find it pretty cool that despite of the nerve wracking stressful and sleepless nights of review for the (well yeah) bar exam .... we still have time to watch Lobo, My Girl and the latest - Iisa Pa Lamang. Well, we are supposed to watch the news. I remember buddies Liezel (she's a resident of Virginia back in Pinas to finish Occupational Therapy), Mira, Jihan, Ailane (co-barristers) and Ella the "kunsintidora" who usually knocks our door saying "O, My Girl Na!!!!"

Oh, I miss my newfound friend in EGI Towers. I'll see you guys, next year!

Come on and watch ABS CBN shows now... courtesy of Dave.

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