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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dinner @ Burtons Grill, Connecticut

This is our 2rd night here at Hartford Connecticut and we just had dinner at Burtons Grill. I was with Tom and Nastasha and we have no idea where we're going to dine-in tonight, however while walking on the upscale shopping place, we ask a local what place she could recommend us to eat. The local enthusiastically recommends Burtons Grill. "Oh, I love all the food they serve from Sea Food to pasta, meat and poultry!"

Trusting the locals recommendation, we find our way to Burtons... It is a contemporary american cuisine and ambiance is perfect for fine dining I ended up ordering Black Martini for cocktail and soft meaty salmon for the main course. Tom ordered Stuffed Flounder (stuffed with crab meat, shrimp & lobster meat) and Natasha ordered the house special sword fish.

Being with 2 white American working class, we talk about politics, economy and the company their working on right now. How much they are paying for taxes to continue supporting those who solely depends on government subsidy. Those who works as Security Guards, Toll Guards, and those lazy _ _ _ _ _ who does nothing but to sit on their table and browse the internet and yet has the balls to complaint (il put the details on a separate post).

Weather temperature here at Hartford continuously drop. My bad, I forget to bring extra winter (its not yet winter) coat and scarf.

Never leave Connecticut without spending a dinner at Burtons Grill...

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