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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dental Implant

We have to drive to New York early morning tomorrow. Why? Well, I am scheduled for surgery. Last week, I just had my CAT Scan (Maxilla and Mandible) done in NYU. I paid $570 for that scan, where if I had it done here in New Jersey (Associated Radiology), they are charging me minimum of $750.00

Today, I received the prescription medicine and picked it up at Wegmans Pharmacy. Have to take 4 capsule of each meds 1 hour before the surgery.

Well, dental implant they say is more annoying than painful.......... alright yeah, but that is not my concern. I know it will not going to hurt, but what bothers me is when they will going to inject aenesthesia on my pallate. Boy, I'm going to have 3 implants.

Don't ask me how much it will cost me for this dental implantation because my Mother (Mama Zenaida) in the Philippines said, my braces and my dental implants is already equivalent to her dream house there.

So, tomorrow.............. Wednesday, October 15!

Hoping that everything will be fine.

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