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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

HartFord Connecticut

It was a long drive (3 hours) from our residence in Central Jersey to Hartford Connecticut. Tom has to attend a business meeting at Travelers head office, here at Hartford, CT. We left around 7PM, then had dinner at Bridgewater Diner, why BD? Well, I just missed their Stuffed Filet of Sole.... Tom initially planned to dine in at Charlie Browns, but my gums are still fresh from the dental implant surgery and the sutures are still there (ugh!) so I won't be able to enjoy a zesty steak....???

As I was saying, we dine in at Bridgewater Diner where he had flounder and mine was Stuffed Filet of Sole... (American serving is really huge, so its a waste of food and money talaga)...

After dinner we dropped at Staples coz I need index cards.... as I am planning to start writing notes in my Pharmacology class.... (well yeah, after law review for the bar, i have to go back reading medical books....)

We took I-287 South, passing the George Washington Bridge and the amazing beauty of New York City at night.... yeah, enhanced with the beautiful city lights. I fell asleep while Tom was driving. He woke me up to get a cup of coffee at Mc Donalds and then we took I-94 to Hartford. We checked-in at Crowne Plaza Hotel past midnight.

I chose Crowne Plaza Hotel because its a lot cheaper compared to Marriott, Hilton, and Goodwin (though it's company paid) and I want to try all the accommodation facilities in Hartford. The last time we were here, we stayed at Hilton. We've tried Marriott and Goodwin too - they are all excellent.

Hartford is the the capital city of Connecticut, where you will find historical landmarks of this state. for more info you can check this out

Got to go and grab a cup of काफ़ी.I have no plans yet, either I'll go out and explore the city or just stay here at the hotel and start writing my नोट्स इन Pharmacology..... I love to go out, but its cold! Don't have my sneakers with me, what I have here is my Havaianas hi sleepers which I bought in the Philippines and a 3" boots..... So, I guess - - - - let's see....

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