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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gum Suture Removal

Today is the second week of my dental implant surgery procedures. I have no choice but to be in New York City to see my dentist. The gums looks alright. No sign of infection. Since no anesthesia was injected, I felt the pinch and a strange feeling while the Dr. was trying to remove the suture in my gums, 2 in mandible, 1 in maxilla (awwwwwww, yes 3 location).....

Replacing a lost tooth is vital to maintain our overall health and function of the surrounding teeth. It helps avoid tooth migration and loss of structure. It is necessary to avoid loss of bone from the jaw in that area.

In 4 weeks time, they (doctors) will open my gum to check the status of the bonegraph and if alright, will screw in the post.

I hope everything will be alright.

Tomorrow, i am scheduled to see my Ortho Dr. Nettune, the man behind my straight, aligned perfect smiley teeth.... (expensive though)...

New York City today - wet, cold and messy...

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