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Friday, October 30, 2009

Swine Flu + Morbid Obesity

Today, the patient that was assigned to me was admitted due to abdominal pain and fever. After the pre-conference with my Professor, I meet my patient. I took her vitals as she was anxious of learning if she has still fever as she wanted to go home as she misses her bed already. Take note: no her kids, not her husband, BUT her BED...

To cut the story short, I took her vitals, turn-away whenever she cough... I was trying to gain her trust while I was doing my Physical Assessment as I was on the process of ausculating anterior and posterior angle of her lungs when the Primary Nurse called me off the room. I know that I have to go out of the room because she was standing at the front door... as she was busy putting in place, items that are necessary for isolation.

"We just got the lab result and she's on the Droplet Isolation now!" "WHAT?!!! Droplet Isolation? I was just there standing in front of her, no protective gear at all while she was coughing coarsely, and I did even put the temperature on her mouth sublingually - and now you're telling me she's on droplet isolation?! DOn't tell me she's now on Tamiflu?" - "Well, she is!"

That's the risk of being a Nurse, before you would be able to put on your protective gear, ur already exposed! Droplet isolation, you are supposed to be 6ft away from the patient if you are not wearing gown, mask, gloves.... so was too close to the patient... that inch close...

Anyway, hoping that nothing will gonna happened to me as I don't wanna get sick! Especially that swine flu.

Since I was done with my patient, I helped my classmate bathe their patient. "Their" because 2 we're assigned to a guy who is weighing 450 lbs. Actually, we were six in the room trying to clean him up before sending him out for dialysis. He's really huge that he couldn't even lift his arms.

Now, busy prepping my care plan which is due on Tuesday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nursing 101 - Pressure Ulcer

The first indication that a pressure ulcer may be developing is blanching (becoming pale or white) of the skin over the area under pressure. Insufficient blood circulation makes the skin appear paler than in areas where circulation is adequate. When the pressure is relieved, the area will appear red and feel warm. Yellow Skin is indicative of jaundice. Stage 1 pressure ulcer is a define area of persistent redness.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Alright! Again, I wasn't able to visit my blog for almost 3 months. Wow, 3 months... yeah! Well, what's going on with me now?

- Still waiting for my 10 year Green card
- Back in school, tied-up busy schedule trying to catch-up daily lecture, quizzez, CAREPLAN, skills test etc.... and Midterm is coming-up soon.
- I do regret going into this program, its really hard to become an Registered Nurse. I should have gone to a Nursing School in the Philippines. Too much work to do, too little time. 44 chapter to read in 2 weeks time for a 50 questions test!

Enough of venting, have to go back on my seat and continue reviewing for the midterm on Tuesday.

Thanks for visiting my page every now and then. Once you visit, please click my advertizer... Ciao.

Friday, July 31, 2009

President Corazon C. Aquino Dead at 76

I just learned that the former President Cory Aquino passed away. I though it's another crack message circulating over the web, but was just confirmed when I watched TV patrol. She made a graceful exit, and left the History of breaking Marcos regime down and for being the First Female President of the Republic of The Philippines through a peaceful and prayerful People Power or The Edsa Revolution. Her family and close friends were at her bedside praying the sorrowful mystery of the Holy Rosary.

She has stage 4 colon cancer and died at the age of 76.

To the Aquino family, THANK YOU for sharing your mother to the Filipino People.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Working on my Green Card Renewal

Biometrics done today at the USCIS service center in Elizabeth City. My temporary Green Card expired last month, and was given a 1 year extension while my application for the 10 year GC is underway.

By April next year, I would be eligible to apply for US Citizenship - but hold on, do I really want to renounce my current citizenship?!!! Why not? I guess, its high time for me to do a research of the pros and cons, of maintaining my Filipino Citizenship or to become a naturalized US citizen.

After a series of finger printing, simple Q&A and photo-shoot, I believe it was a success as I wasn't involve in any legal issues that would warrant a denial to my year Green Card, and eventually a citizenship.

Anyone needs help on US Immigration - feel free to ask. I will try to help. Won't charge you a penny... You don't need an Immigration Lawyer, unless you have a complex case that needs to be represented.

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