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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lazy Blogger

I do hate writing. Yeah, I do! But I have to keep my blog alive. I guess this is my 3rd blog in a row - all we're dead. I can't even remember the url and the password....

Anyway, this topic pop up to my mind while having a chat with Sheryl, a good friend of mine in Florida. It's a nose-bleed for us to write. So, I told her that I am used to writing the typical HR tenor memo "You are hereby directed to explain in writing within 24 hours upon receipt hereof. Failure to do so would mean a waiver of your right to be heard, the company then may proceed with the imposition of the necessary disciplinary action..." sort of things like that.

So, Sheryl is still online... with tons of messages that I have to reply. Then Liza called me up, discussing her paper in Microbiology...uh uh, she hates writing too!!! lol

1 comment:

SCZ said...

that's true, that's whay my blog have not been updated fro 3 months now...

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