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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Red Santa Hat, Red Nails & Red Shorts for Xmas!!!

Enuff of hibernating!!! Been busy with work and the holiday craze, so I wasn't able to visit my blog and other blogger that frequented my site. We had a Filipino, American and Italian dishes for the Christmas and New Years Eve Media Noche...

Christmas is gift-giving so it's always fun to open a box of gift especially when you least expect it. It's not a piece of jewelry, nor an LV purse or a Cartier watch - but I was so happy to see that box in front of our. As per Tom, that box had been sitting at the back of the tree for days before Christmas. There's nothing he can think of that will make me happy but a cup of Coffee, that's why he decided to buy me a Keurig Platinum Edition One Cup Coffee Maker for Christmas. He was right, I was really delighted though I can also afford to buy one, but I'd rather not. It's always a pleasure to open a gift, irregardless of what's inside the box.

Tom got his Sony Play Station 3 Bluray edition. He's my child, as he is into games. That replaces Nintendo Wii spot in the bedroom.

It's New Year, and I wish everyone a prosperous and healthier 2009!!!

Long Live America...


1 comment:

MariaVictoria said...

That's neat ate! Happy New Year!!!

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