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Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 Summer Gardening Project

I don't wanna spend money in getting a Professional Landscaper fix my lawn, front and back yard, so I commit myself on doing it on my own every weekend. Anyway, I have Google and Lawrence (a local landscaper/friend) to consult and who is very much willing to help me in lifting heavy objects (bricks etc.) Oh, he has a super nice backyard, with swimming pool and man made falls and pond with live fish. Get ya, his back yard is just 1/3 of my back yard area and yet, i am very much willing to trade in my place to him. I love his front and back yard. He told me to "copy" it....but it will take thousands of $$$$ to do that...

Old bushes has been removed, and I am now on the process of tilling the soil and probably by next weed barrier will be in place.

...going back to work as a "gardener"....

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