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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Haven't been blogging for a while. Busy at work, school and FRINGE!

What is Fringe by the way? Well it is a science fiction television series premiered on September 2008 on the Fox Network. Oh, I love the twist of every episode - Agent Olivia Dunham, Peter and the research scientist Walter (Peter's dad).

With my busy schedule, (work and Filipino shows lol) I didn't even know about this show. How I came across Fringe? Well, it was an accident. Precisely!!! I'm back to Fox network because of the 24 Season 7 and American Idol. Unfortunately, my schedule failed to coincide with these shows. To the rescue, Marsha introduced me Since then, I never worry about missing a show because I always have the chance to watch the show in my laptop, at my own pace - with limited commercial breaks.

I am supposed to be reading articles for my English class, unfortunately I can't take off my eyes to Fringe. A long way to go for me because right now I'm on the first season, episode 5. Gosh, a long way to go!!!

Thanks Marsha. Your a bookworm... err net worm.

Have a good one folks, and thanks for visiting my page regularly.

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