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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Unlimited Earning - Fun & Earn while BLOGGING

A year ago, a friend introduced me how to earn some $$$ out from blogging. Since I don't have the passion in writing and the patience in reading and learning all the mechanics involve in creating my own web or blog page so I just ended up opening a blog and wasn't able to update and maintain it.

Her name is Avee. She now runs several blogs online and she's now earning a thousand $$$ out from writing. And another online friend ('coz we haven't met in person yet) encouraged me to sign-up in Pay Per Post to make use, or shall I say to convert the time I spent online into a $$$.

I'm not sure if my PPP application has been approved, but since I can now get these Codes so i guess I am already approved!!!

So now, I am inviting everyone, a newbie like me, to explore the world of unlimited income... Let's make use of our internet connection and join the fun of blogging.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hahhaha extra pala ako dito ate, dko lams to ah! Hihihi!Good luck and happy blogging!

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