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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


What a toxic day!

Have to get-up at 6AM because Tom have to catch the train bound to NY as early as possible. Then have to report to work which is 27 miles away from my residence, via I-78. There is a shorter way to get to the office, but I want to avoid the heavy flow of traffic in Highway 22. (Employer 1)

I left the office at around 12:30PM for a job interview (Employer 2). I don't wanna be late, and I have to drive another 20 miles. The interview went smoothly. It was more of an orientation rather than a regular job interview. Luckily, I was accepted as a full time employee......I was only looking for a part time job. What will gonna happened now to the other job that I accepted last week?!! And my schooling too... I just wanna do something while waiting for the result of the bar exam, and while waiting for the clinical rotation (if, I wouldn't make it in the bar). You know, I need something to do in order to keep me busy... I hate counting the days, the ticking of the clock.... and the welcoming of 2009. Why? Because of "April" or "May". To cut the story short - I just accepted a full time job - for the first time, in my 2 years existence in the United States.

Going back to how busy I am today, well, at around 4PM I got a call from our medical doctor that my medical papers (medical requirements) are now ready for pick-up. So, I rushed to the medical center and picked-up my papers. I was on a hurry, I didn't even bother to check what's inside the packet, then drove to Employer 3 (another employer who just made a job offer a week ago), my navigator hang-up - have to reset it, and while doing so, I didn't even noticed that I'm hitting the red light and Oh My! I almost hit the school bus crossing the intersection . . . . Thanks God no surveillance, and no Police around...

To cut the story short, I handed over my medical packet to the HR and bingo, the X-ray report was missing! I called the Doctors office and asked them to fax a copy to the HR, otherwise, I would not be able to start on Monday. And here I am now, have to read and fill-up this thick employees file, and tomorrow have to undergo Drug test.

So that was it...

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