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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks God it's Saturday!

Yes, thanks God it's Saturday! Thankful because I don't have to worry getting-up at 7 in the morning and hit the shower while I'm still half asleep. Winter is coming, so the weather last night dropped to 22F. When it's cold, I'd prefer to cuddle and hide underneath the blanket...

Had an eye appointment at 9:30AM, so we're up at 8. We went to Sears Optical and looked for frames. The Rayban looks okay, but Sears Optical doesn't carry the brand of glass that we want. We prefer crizal. Then from Sears we also looked for frames at Lens Crafters. I picked the Burberry frame. But then again, Lens Crafters doesn't carry Crizal Varilux Progressive Lenses. The eyeglass we're shopping is for Tom. I was just his "alalay (sidekick)" today. So the whole day was consumed looking for a "frame" and finally, we're left between the Burberry and Rayban frames.

By the way, here is my eyeglass. Bought it last July. It's Rayban, but I don't really care for the brand of the frame, as long as the glass is made of Crizal and yong bagay sa ilong kong pango, and one na hindi malalaglag (hahaha). Anyway, I have contacts to back me up. On your next eye glass purchase, be conscious of what kind of glass or lens your getting. Do not focus more on the frame. Without you knowing it, you might get a plastic or a lesser quality of glass/lens.

By the way, this is not a paid advertisement of Crizal. And since its Saturday, I'm free to blog and blog around. So, Thanks God it's Saturday!!!


amiable amy said...

my brother keep telling me to buy him rayban or oakley...hmmm expensive stuff

chubskulit said...

i agree with Amy... sistah i am following your blog now.. hope u can visit sometimes..

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