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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Thanks to Avee for giving me this link, I was able to get a lay out with 3 columns. For a non-techie like me, I've gone crazy reading and understanding the instruction though for some of you here it’s not biggy at all.

Now that I have new lay-out, I lost some of the widgets (widgets? well, a blog lingo)... So, those who are already on my blog links, please bear with me as I am trying to upgrade my site. I will definitely add your links back. As you can see, I am still waiting for google, for my domain operational.

Google said:

"Your blog is in transition

Your blog's new address is Since it takes time for this new address to be available all over the Internet, you can still get to it at

Your new address should work for everyone after at most 3 days. At that time we will redirect your readers from your old address to the new one."

Today is the 3rd day, so I believe, it will be up on the 4th day onward.

1 comment:

Umma said...

Congrats dear for getting a new domain, I did it too last Saturday and it says 3 days transition. Hope and see tomorrow will be back to normal then.
But I think I already lost my page rank and Imback to square one.

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