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Sunday, November 2, 2008


2 years ago, a US Consul asked me "Catholic?" and I said "yes" and a follow-up question "by act or just by the name?" - bingo! I refused to answer . . . I just smiled back at him.

a month ago, i made a deal, some sort of personal discipline - that I am going to comply my Sunday obligation to Him. Why? Tons of 'because' but I don't wanna elaborate things. He knows what it is, even if I don't say a word. Prayer mode? it's more of a personal approach... not patterned to the lengthy prayer found in any booklet.

it's Sunday, got to go now... and pray for World Peace and Economic Stability ... (kuno)


Life and its Spicies said...

Hahaha!..Make it sure mapanindigan mo ung "Deal" na yan..jan nakasalalay ang atty. mo..Goodluck!

Marizylle said...

You got it!!! Am not a Church goer talaga, pero now - parang masarap and magandang parusa sa sarili. lol

I admit, there are times kakatamad bumangon especially now na malamig na... But then, pag absent ako patay..

Anyway, thanks sa pagdalaw.

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