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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help Needed - Domain Not Working

On November 6, 2008 I paid $10 for through google blogger. Avee and Elba warned me already to get one from GoDaddy, but still I bought it through and/or within the settings of my blog - the blogger google (tigas kasi ng ulo eh). All the while I thought it would be easier for me to easily redirect my blog to the new domain as what google blogger promised.

Since Google Blogger Domain is powered by GoDaddy, I called customer service of GoDaddy for several times, but I was turned down. Telling me to contact Google/Blogger directly. GoDaddy Customer Service gave me the email add of Google Apps. What a disaster. I've been jumbling around calling this and that number, posting queries, sending emails... and all they'll give you is a link to set-up DNS, CNAME etc. I go gaga, despite the fact that they are supposed to set-up everything (configuration). I maybe wrong, but that's what I understood when I made the purchase !

As you can see, my blog is still under the free I tried publishing it through the settings of this blog, and still to no avail.

Any help from you guys, is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ate I think ang dpat mong kontakin is 1and1 kasi sila ang me hawak sa blogger/google. I called them twice alam mo ba ang ginawa lang nila is when u open your custom domain magtransfer sa blogspot. Twice they were not able to set up my DNS and did not work kaya sayang ang 20 bucks when I contacted google to refund my payment good luck nobody care to reply.

Not only to me even pinsan ko ganyan din ang experience. When you go buy ng domain mo sa godaddy go to my website ha click mo ang godaddy link ko dun para me kita din ako hahahah! Hati tayo!

Elba Sacris said...

ayan kasi, tigas ulo...sinabi nang sa godaddy pumunta...o ano?

dont fret....maayos mo din yan.

MarlyMS said...

i think ok naman nah new url mo. i clicked and ur blog opened naman.

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