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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Good Things Never Last by Ailane

On my 2nd night in EGI, Ailane invited me to be her room mate. At first I thought she's also a 2008 barrister, but then later I found out that she's there prepping for the 2009 BAR exam. What a good girl. She was an inspiration. Going to the review center, staying-up late with me and Jihan, reviewing us, refreshing our mind, arguing with us, bringing beef tapa, etc. There are times that I don't wanna get-up and just want to sleep, but I am being pressured with Ailane around. I told myself, look at this girl. How serious she is in pursuing to become a lawyer. She's taking the bar in 2009 and here I am, I only have less than 60 days to refresh my mind... She was my alarm clock, she was my eveyrthing, my "buddy". Despite of the stress and pressure, my 90 day stay was also funrelaxing as I have found new friends who are now part of my life.

This post is for you barrister of EGI Suite 808 Ailane, Mayang and Genevieve, Mira and Anne, Ate Buena and Vicar, Jennelyn and Jihan Carla Mercado, and of course my long time friend and classmate Jessica Imperial.

I wish would have the time to post everything about us here. But for now, I am syndicating Ailane's post.


EGI Taft Towers was been my place for six months where I met and gained the friendship that I’ve been longing.

It was April 16, 2008 at 8:00 o’clock in the evening when I stepped into EGI Taft Towers. As I entered into the elevator that brought me to the 8th floor, I intensely asked God to give me good friends. Fortunately, Got did not let me wait for so long because before I entered my assigned room He granted my petition.

I met Gen the girl from Leyte and then the following day I met Mhayang also from Leyte and Mirah from Cagayan de Oro City. Then, there’s Jihan from Pampanga, Ate Buena of Pangasinan, and Jennelyn of Mandaluyong City. Then, at the middle of July, another girl from New Jersey, USA joined the group who was introduced to us by Mira as Maricel but lately we found out that she’s actually Maria Socorro and consequently we fondly called her Maria.

We were the eight (8) girls of 808 who shared laughter and fun, ideas, opinions, and knowledge in law, and conspired to different “crimes” both in EGI and in Review Center (of course, not really the crime that is punishable under the law… it’s just how we describe things in exaggeration).

It was on August when Maria transferred to other unit and paved the way for Jessica (Bicol) and Harriet (Ormoc City) to join our group. These two girls were also cool and fun to be with.

But one of the most remarkable things that we shared in EGI aside from studying/reviewing and eating together at the hallway was our “weeknights duty” wherein I, Maria, Jihan, Jen, Harriet, Mirah, and Liezel (an undergrad whom we met and became friend while we were having our duty) were having Lobo and My Girl Session then lately Catherine Session (Iisa pa Lamang).

Hmn… the friendship with those girls is one of the best things that came into my life; though there arose some unpleasant things among us but its just normal since we are of different personalities and came from different upbringings. But what’s important, is that, we had the good times to cherish.

But as our review class concluded so as our good times together ended. I felt so sad that it has to come to its end. Yeah, I shed tears as Maria and Harriet left EGI and rushed to the airport and even more when Mhayang and I parted our ways on the following. But the touching text message from Gen made me cry.

Really, some good things never last but what’s the best thing is that, we maintain our communication (Thanks to the modern technology!). By now, we are looking forward for our reunion next year. Hope Maria will be with her Mang Tomaz at that time.

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