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Monday, December 8, 2008

It's our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary, atbp!

December 8, 2008 is our 2nd year wedding anniversary, and we're going to Joe Crab Shack tonight for dinner...

Will continue my post later...

The continuation:

We drove 27 miles to Joe Crab Shack in Lawrenceville just to eat, obviously "crabs". Initially, Tom suggested to dine at Char, its a new restaurant few blocks away from home but since its just around the corner, I insisted that I want to try Joe. The food was good, but am not really crazy about it. The place was alright but I don't like it. It's more of a Westerner (Texas) design..... I enjoy the food (yo, i love shellfish), but I am not happy because it doesn't worth $91 (tip included). We should have just gone to Snuffy's Clam Bar..... But anyway, the long drive was fun as I enjoy having a conversation with my driver (he has no choice but to talk to me lol) and the variety of christmas decors in every house and streets along the way.

Oh by the way, I just had the result of my blood test (blood was drawn prior to eating shellfish) Dr. Kripsak said that I have a verry (as in he uses the word verry) level of allergy in my blood. Since I know that I have allergic reaction (my skin tend to bump & rashes etc.) I said, i am allergic to shrimp and crabs, or maybe I am also allergic to corrosive (paint, as we're on the process of painting Tom's townhouse) . . . And then my doctor laughed at me when I said "Actually, last night we just have a bucket of crabs and shrimp at Joe Crab Shack".... "And you know what doc, I it's my favorite food. I can live without steak but I can't live without seafood!" You know what Dr. Kripsak told me? "Stay away from any shellfish and don't take any antihistamine for now until you see an Allergist (Specialist in Allergy) and find out what's really causing your allergic reaction." So, I am now being referred to a Specialist in Princeton....

I remember, when I was in EGI for the bar, Ailane brought buttered shrimp and lamon talaga. After eating, we were able to go out malling in Trinoma, then midnight (mag-isa pa naman ako sa room ko), as in I feel so itchy and bumps in my body (nahhh, if I could only post a pic). Scared of going out, I have no choice, I couldn't sleep and if I will continue scratching it will leave a mark on my skin. So at 2AM, I went out of the building to find any drugstore open. Good thing, there is a Drug store infront of De La Salle University along Taft. I bought Claritin and that was it. This is not the first incident I had this allergic reaction, because thrice in a row that I've been hospitalized and was given a shot because of pamamantal due to eating shellfish. Masarap eh!

The following day when I told Ailane and the rest of girls about what happened to me that night, hayun, we even blamed the shopping spree and the jeans I bought that maybe I got it from there. Na baka kung sino-sino na ang nagfit nun.. Mga baliw!

I guess for now, I should avoid eating those food that I have allergic reaction. Or, maybe will stop once the Doctor finds out what really triggers the allergy...

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