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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Marriot Residence Inn, Cheese Cake Factory and more...

I've been in Hartford, Connecticut for a couple of times and had tried different accommodation (i.e. Goodwin, Hilton, Crowne Plaza Hotel) but Marriott Residence Inn is so far the best. For $140/night, you'll have a Suite with complete amenities. You have a furnished kitchen filled with the basic stuff you'll need, a dining area, 2 spacious closet, 2 conventional TV sets and a luxurious living room. And you'll get free wifi access too. That amount is also inclusive of an awesome complementary breakfast for two.

Marriott Residence is located right at the heart of Hartford, CT. It's just a few blocks err STEPS (lol) away from Travelers, and its right at the downtown of the city. Unlike Crowne Plaza Hotel, oh boy, I have to cross the highway and walk less than a mile in order to get a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts! Same with the Hilton Hotel. Goodwin is also okay. A century old building, but I heard they're closing the business at the end of the year. Affected by the deteriorating US economy I guess.

Last night we (with Tom's officemate) we went to Cheese Cake Factory (again) for dinner. As expected, its crowded! Food and wine was good, conversation deals more on their corporate issues ("their" because I do not work with them.. I was just an 'escort' of Tom hehehe). A $140 for 4 person is not bad, plus I have a take-home a whooping garden salad. American serving is really HUGE! Well, in times like this, I miss my corporate life in Sunwest. Those who used to work with me in Sunwest know what I mean by this (Annie, Chie, Ate Ning, Mia and Sir Ge - if you are out there reading my post, care to leave a comment....and thats an order!)

So, if you're planning to visit Hartford, be it for business or pleasure - check out Marriots Residence Inn and try Factory Cheese Cake. They are awesome extravagantly good!

By the way, this is not a paid endorsement by PayPerPost, Paying Post or Adsense. I am not even affiliate of Marriott and/or Cheese Cake Factory.

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