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Friday, December 5, 2008


What I've been doing lately?

The highlights of this week activity is that I have to tender my resignation to the Knights. It's hard for me to leave the company (my boss & my office mates) because they were all nice to me. I never experienced any bad experience working with them. Mind you, this is my first job here in the US of A. The job is not as toxic as running a Human Resource Department or heading a team for the candidacy of those Senatorial and Presidential candidates, or be a Committee Head for ISO certification of an organization when I was still in the Philippines... It's less complicated and stressful. I never experienced any discrimination in the workplace. They always give me credit... of which in my mind "napaka-simple lang naman ng trabaho". Maybe, one of their nature (Americans) is for being vocal and appreciative. No boss that will bug you on your sleep to get those and that, or no boss that will bother you while your enjoying your poop just to ask what's going on with these and that.

I miss HR. I miss working with my dedicated staff, Lorlie, Nhory, Thess, Melody, Fatima, Corrine and Michelle. I also miss the nerve wrecking voice of our VP Miss Godornes... Lorlie took over my place. I still have contact with them, as Lorlie tend to ask me labor issues. In a way, I am still part of the organization eventhough legally speaking, ties was already severed.

By the way, you may ask why all of sudden my post is pointing at my past acquaintaces? I also don't know. I don't usually plan what I'l be posting about. Maybe because this has to do something with the Christmas Season fever. Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Tonight is our Company Christmas Party. Almost 200 employees signed-in that they will attend the party, including me. I shop at Macy's Bridgewater Commons for my dress tonight, but guess where I am right now? The party starts at 7PM (as per the memo circulated)... But here I am, right in front of my laptop busy keying up - unplanned! I am supposed to attend the party, but I fall asleep and just woke-up and now don't feel like going. I don't know, I am not really excited to go. I just started working with this company last November 17 and basically, I do not feel (yet) the urge of belongingness. I am still on the stage of "getting-to-know" the people within the organization. Although, this x-mas party is a good avenue to socialize and get acquainted with my new environment, but I just don't feel like going. I don't have escort anyway, because Tom just had his dental implant (yes, 4 dental implants and a bone graph and sinus lift, and mine 3 dental implants, I don't wanna count how much it cost us to fix our dental needs...ugh....) done the other day and technically speaking he's not yet okay...

So instead of going, I am here as all the thoughts about Christmas Party fever floods in my memory. I used to head the planning committee of x-mas parties in my previous employ (Philippines). I was also involved in this "kawang-gawa" or outreach program to selected families in my province. We used to handout a pack of "noche-buena" to them. We feed street-children, gifts or "aguinaldo" to underprivilidge families and to our dear oldies.

I may not have what I have right now in the past, but everything, all that I have been through are worth remembering. I hope I would be able to write about it and share it with people who would have the time to read it.

Till the next episode...

Okay, to CUT the POST short --------- here I am PARTYING with my BLOG, instead of going to the xmas party TONIGHT!!!


SCZ said...

don't worry kasi worthy naman ang pinag-lalaanan mo ng oras mo ngayon lalo na kung kasama ako sa mga yon :)

Marizylle said...

hahahaha yeah....lipas na si panahon na walang tigil sa bar and floor dancing, bandahan with friends.... Plus Margarita, Tequila, Fundador, Gilbeys with Pomelo... O GinPomelo ata ito. More on social get together na lang ngayon. Kakamiss din yong pinagpapawisan ka na sa kakasayaw ng parang

amiable amy said...

that is really good to know Marizylle...but, did you go to the party? just curious...hehehe...sometimes, we had this nostalgic moments right? lalo na pag pasko...hayyy...nakaka miss nga naman...

btw, got a tag for you, just grab it anytime okay? nandoon sa isa

chubskulit said...

hi mariz, glad to read personal stuff about you hehehe... bayai sana, pag haloy haloy kaan, saro ka na sainda hehehe..

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