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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

90 Days Apart

July 8, 2008

90 Days Apart

Still cramming - my luggage exceeded the weight limit of 70lbs per luggage. So I have to pull-out some stuff. All the chocolates and other pasalubong have to be taken-out. My personal effects too, but not my law books. They are the prime reason why I have to go back.

The sadness we felt the night before my flight have to be set aside because we have to rush. I left a mess in the house.

We drove to JFK International Airport , for almost 2 hours with minimal traffic along the way.

So, it’s time to say goodbye. I asked my husband to leave because I don’t want to see him at the departure area. I don’t know if Tom really left or if he is still there because as I never looked back.

Now I understand what the feeling of being away from your spouse. It’s not the sexual thing, although it is a biological need. It’s deeper than that.

Ahhh, can’t wait to be back home in the Garden State with my “own family.”

Friday, July 11, 2008

91 Days Apart

July 7, 2008

Crammmmming! That’s normal for me. Just as usual, I am not yet done packing my luggage. I should not exceed the baggage weight limit, but when I weigh my luggage its 90lbs….. Yes, 20lbs heavier. So I have to unpack and repack over and over again. Hard to decide which one to keep and bring it home (“home? You are home hon, this is your home” – oh yeah!) But what I mean is “mauli ako sa harong” and harong means home – the usual translation barrier….

When I booked my flight 3 months ago, I was so excited! Excited and happy that soon I will be with ‘home’ with friends and family though a bit skeptical of the barex (Whew, a Tom will always say “hon, your priority is the barex”) and the COST $$$ involve.

Most of my officemates would say “What, you’ll be gone for 3 months alone? Your husband seems to be a nice guy huh…” Then I would say, “I wouldn’t be out there for vacation. I have to be there for the barex.” Well, yeah!

So, the day before my flight is one of the worst days in my life. I do feel Tom’s sadness that even him said that “honestly hon, I don’t want you to go ….(pause)…… but what can I do. You have to take the bar. Just let me know if you change your mind.”……….. See, it’s hard to leave alone. The guilt feeling rushed into my adrenalin, but again, I have to do this.

This is the first time in our 2 year marriage that we will be apart for 3 months. Nah, I hate to say this but boy, I love him that much!

So goodnight folks and join me in this 91 days apart…

Monday, July 7, 2008


Mix emotion, excited yet sad!
(will continue later, have to finish packing. I'll be leaving tomorrow morning back to the Philippines!!!)....

Stay tune....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A CURSE to a Filipino Hacker (Pinoy Budol Budol)

The night of July 3, 2008 I received an email from Lolali about this scammer who will try to negotiate you to buy him/her a Globe Prepaid Cards. I was amazed how the scammer tried to extort money from one of our virtual friend Ella. Midnight, Lolali signed-off and I was left online because I am usually awake the whole night. I am currently reviewing for the bar exam, and my mind works better at night.

Around 6AM in the morning on July 4th, Lolali sent me a message saying "musta." I wondered why she's already up, knowing that its the 4th of July - America's Independence Day. Lolali asked me to invite her webcam because she wanted to see me, of which I declined because I was about to go to bed. When asked why she's up early, she said "kausap ko client ko!" I even said "sapakin kita dyan, ginugudtym mo ako"... Then insisted to see me on webcam, of which again I declined. All of a sudden Lolali said "check mo online photo ko sa yahoo flicker,"... I never thought that Lolali's account was already infiltrated by the hacker. So, I clicked the link send to me. I even told Lolali that "wala akong account sa flicker, photosharing na lang" then she replied, "mas madali sa online album, gamitin mo na lang yahoo account mo," and that's it. I followed as instructed, then I waived goodbye and sleep.

To be continued. It's almost 2AM here and I have to get some sleep.

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