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Sunday, July 6, 2008

A CURSE to a Filipino Hacker (Pinoy Budol Budol)

The night of July 3, 2008 I received an email from Lolali about this scammer who will try to negotiate you to buy him/her a Globe Prepaid Cards. I was amazed how the scammer tried to extort money from one of our virtual friend Ella. Midnight, Lolali signed-off and I was left online because I am usually awake the whole night. I am currently reviewing for the bar exam, and my mind works better at night.

Around 6AM in the morning on July 4th, Lolali sent me a message saying "musta." I wondered why she's already up, knowing that its the 4th of July - America's Independence Day. Lolali asked me to invite her webcam because she wanted to see me, of which I declined because I was about to go to bed. When asked why she's up early, she said "kausap ko client ko!" I even said "sapakin kita dyan, ginugudtym mo ako"... Then insisted to see me on webcam, of which again I declined. All of a sudden Lolali said "check mo online photo ko sa yahoo flicker,"... I never thought that Lolali's account was already infiltrated by the hacker. So, I clicked the link send to me. I even told Lolali that "wala akong account sa flicker, photosharing na lang" then she replied, "mas madali sa online album, gamitin mo na lang yahoo account mo," and that's it. I followed as instructed, then I waived goodbye and sleep.

To be continued. It's almost 2AM here and I have to get some sleep.

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